Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fathatunatu- The Ravagers Of Life

The Vaults of Eturngim are filled with these monstrous hell gutted spawn. Seen here are the  vaults themselves

Fathatunatu- The Ravagers Of Life
Spirit of Chaos & Malice
Cosmic Level 
There exists a class of  planar demons of  wrath, malice, death & destruction which have been held at bay for thousands of years. They are held in check by the laughter, prayers, & hollow bells of  festivals across the folds of space & time. They're bodies are part machine, part spirit, & held together by the dread of a million disappointments!
There are rumors of halls where even the gods don't go. Vaults of these skeletal monstrities where they are held back by the eternal cycle. Yet every few million years the weight of all the sentient joy stops. The eternal crystal cracks & one just one of them escapes confinement.
 A Fathatunatu goes about its tasks & none shall stand against it 
Many believe that these monsters from beyond feed & feed well when their presence moves history turning events to happen. For those who see them are doom & yet a few heroic souls give their all to seal these demons back beyond the ken of all that is holy! 
Fathatunatu- The Ravagers Of Life Large
7 stories tall 
No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8 (plus special),1d6 bladed hands
Morale: 9

They are the remains of old gods from the last cycle of the universe whose bones have been taken by Fathatunatu. These spirits are the anti life, creatures held by the baling wire of despair & hatred made spirit. The machinery of ignorance drives them & all life is their target. Those who survive an attack by their bladed arms are never again right. They have been touched by the ravages of things beyond the ken of mankind & will forever more carry the dark kiss of the Outer Darkness. 
Those who are hit by their claws & blades will take 1d8 points of damage. Those hit by their jagged blades may live but carry painful scarring for the rest of their lives. They drip a dark nanotech poison from their claws which will cause deep decay & depression unless a save versus poison is made. They often use this attack to leave victims alive & in  the deepest of depressions which only the gods of light can cure.
They're gaze causes fear as the spell & their laughter is the sound of starving children's cries. They can only be returned to their vaults by banishment of a cleric or astronaut of law whose faith in the gods is pure.
The Vaults of 
Eturngim are filled with these monstrous hell gutted spawn. Day & night the Counters of  Hugorir
mark each & every one. They can & will die when of these things is released only to rise up again.


  1. Thanks this will be making an appearance in my game soon! Thanks for the compliment it means alot to me since you've created so much awesome stuff yourself!

  2. This is simply incredible. What an Excellent monster! You could build quite an adventure around one of these things...

  3. Thanks Garrison there is something I'm working on with these! Stay tuned more to come!


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