Monday, December 5, 2011

Hamithandulo- God of Spacers, Pirates & Hyperspace

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A shrine to Hamithandulo- God of  Spacers, Pirates & Hyperspace in the capital  of the Human Empire on Earth  

Alignment -Chaotic
This god is known as the spacer's god. Ancient god brought to the humans on the winds of space. Hamithandulo is a terrible god who tempts spacers with the illicit life of a pirate & whose haunted chants can be heard in many a hull of a space craft. Blood & the lightning of the stars are his symbols.
 The sound of an airlock clinking into place before a boarding action calls to him, weapons locking into place are his fingers tapping on his throne, & the lamentations of  husbands & wives have been lost to the void of space are his laughter.
This is a double sided god for his is also the hand that moves across the charts of spacers & guides them in the void. His are the super science that shows the quick mind the folds of space.
In many space stations, cantinas, pirate dens is a small shrine & the officials themselves of the Human Empire even offer their own small prayers to this home spun god!
 The vengeance of this god is terrible indeed. The victim of a curse is at first struck by little bits of bad luck as things go wrong. Air hoses develop cracks, space suits & leathers have pieces in odd places developing flaws. If the spacer doesn't redress his taboo with this god then the final vengeance is the burning, boiling, & baking of space itself visited on the victim. This is done in a most public place!
 The book of Hamithandulo is often seen right next to the most common charts of space. For it contains routes sacred to the god where the faithful make pilgrimages to his most holy stars. He asks for but a single piece of a treasure from each hail done in his name. If this is granted then his favor may include getting a crew lost with rare opportunities for ill gotten gain. Such are his blessings & how he tests star ship captains in his service.
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  1. I like it. :) A deity associated with space-travel is a much needed accessory in a science fantasy game.

  2. Thanks for the comment Trey! I got the idea from visiting your blog & Ancient Vaults. The germ of it came from a dream about an astronaut praying at a shrine on a space station! There will be more to come stay tuned!


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