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Storm Front Of The Conqueror Kings - A Human Space Empires Encounter!

File:Bodie ghost town-2.jpg
Russman 4 store front aged & deserted. Something has happened to the colony!
File:Bodie CA - industrial building.jpg
The colony appears aged beyond its years. As if a hundred years have passed with  days or  weeks 
Russman 4 sits on the edge of the Human Space a peaceful & utterly scenic mining colony. It mines the raw rare earth elements used in the fuels of galactic  space craft. The colony was established over 25 years ago & is a relatively new colony with most of modern technologies found in the central empire.  Out on the frontier life is rough & tumble but sustainable. That was 3 months ago & only now has a strange radio transmission reached the mostly inhabited worlds surrounding the frontier.
That was 1 month ago.  
File:Terraforming of Mars .jpg
There are still terrafoming stations near the pole & the atmosphere is thin & in places none existent  offering an addition hidden danger! 
The world is a single Earth type planet of a desert climate. Dry, arid, but life sustaining. The planet itself was terraformed 100 years before using comets & terraforming stations across the planets surface. Note here: Think of an old west gold frontier mining town. The planet's technology level is about the 1890s with some  higher technology placed from within Human Space. The original planet was like Mars & then terraformed into its present condition !
The only thing found in the center of the largest town on the planet is this 25 foot effigy!
File:Ghost figure Collection Henry Law 37.jpg

The  25 foot effigy has been carved from a single chunk of non native stone. The stone has been carved by zeta ray cutters & the stone emanates a strange low whining far below human hearing. There is a feeling of menace that washes from the stone like some ancient tear. Colony animals avoid the thing like poison.
There are no colonists left on the planet. In the valley canyons beyond the largest town is this image.
The party will be drawn to these figures. They will begin to dream of them. To see strange flicking images in the edge of their vision. 

File:Holy Ghost Panel, Great Gallery.jpg
The figures are 15 foot tall are recent additions to the canyon! They are a mixture of lye, ochre, blood, & a substance that can't be identified! The central figure's "eyes" seem to penetrate & bore into the head of anyone who stares into them long enough. There is a feeling of  thunder, blood, & strange screams echoing through the canyon walls! 
File:Pioneer (ghost town) ruins.jpg
All buildings & such of the colony have been aged by at least 100 years according to instruments !  
There are several strange events that will randomly occur while exploring the colony!
Random Events Table Roll 1d10 
  1. The sounds of fighting, screams, violence, & blood shed will echo around the party. They will think that they know where this is coming from only to be confronted by silence & dust. 
  2. Dust Elementals will kick up & attack the party. These are only 4 hit dice monsters. They will be angry & very aggressive. These are elemental creatures not native to the colony world
  3. The party will be confronted by strange figures in the distance who seem to watch the party only to vanish. 
  4. The party will confront several corpses with their hearts ripped out. These corpses are 3 hit dice monsters who will vanish as the melee is over. 
  5. Clocks & time keeping devices will run backwards & forwards. Magnetic instruments will begin to screw up. Then there will a sudden random spike in electromagnetic activity.
  6. A pack of dogs from the colonists will be seen. Their bodies are rife with planar energy. These 3 hit dice creatures attack as soon as seen. Slain the energies will slowly dissipate causing the corpses to randomly twitch.  
  7. A transparent figure of a colonist is seen & seems to be frozen in agony. Every few rounds bits & pieces of the poor man are hacked away by invisible attackers. The cycle repeats itself ever 1d3 rounds. 
  8. The pcs are overcome by a feeling of absolute dread as they enter an area. They must roll save vs or be overcome with emotion. They will find tears running down their cheeks even though they are not aware of why. The feeling will pass & each will be surrounded by an area of deathly cold! 
  9. A wrath or spectre will attack the party pleading with them to end its suffering even as it attacks them! 
  10. A party of Aztec like warriors confronts the party! They demand the party come with them. They are armed with strange technological weapons! Any attempts to parley are met with attack !

     Dungeon Master Section -What's Really Going On 

A party of  the Rshomigngggu in their cyber pyramids descended upon the colony of Russman 4. These twisted freak priests released a nanite cloud upon the colony & sacrificed the entire colony in one night to their foul twisted gods from beyond the Great Outer Darkness.
Doing so they have ripped a hole in the local space time & they have damaged the local continuum. The planet now sits at the edge of a time rift that could suck it into the great limbo surrounding all time. This will erase the entire existence of the planet !
The situation is made worse by the undead that have been created by their actions. The only way to avenge the spirits of the colonists & put the situation right is to sneak aboard the pyramid of the Rshomigngggu & blow it to kingdom come. This will not be easy. Its located at present in the polar region of the planet. 

Information on the Rshomigngggu & their minions can be found here -  Rshomigngggu-priests-of-great-agony.html

File:Grafton UT - ghost town.jpg
Should additional encounters be necessary. There are plenty of places to explore. There are several smaller cities that should be crawling with minor undead as well. Should the party need an addition incentive to go after the nasties then the priests might release the nanite storm on them.
The storm can't get through most types of minor force fields but does 1d3 points of damage but lasts 3 hours.  
File:Bodie Ghost Town Storm.jpg
Colony holdings about to receive nasty weather
File:Mars - Tharsis with ocean.jpg
Most of the action takes place in the center of the land mass 200 miles from the minor water source 

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