Saturday, December 24, 2011

Torn World: Hand Drawn Cities Volume: 1 - A Quick Review

So I'm reviewing this work today. Torn world is a generic campaign world with lots of flavor & some very intriguing ideas floating in it. This product is I believe a gate way product to the world. These are maps that can be pretty much dropped into any campaign world I do me any. More on that in a second. 

Torn World Presents: Hand-Drawn Cities: Volume I
The product description goes : 

"The Torn World Presents series features artwork from our creative staff for use in your home-brew games; regardless of your gaming system and era, these will be of use to you. "Hand-Drawn Cities: Volume I" features the artwork of Alyssa Faden - the Torn World creator and cartographer. 
In her spare time, Alyssa just loves drawing detailed cities on a microscopic level and due to popular demand we are making them available to you in high resolution format.
For use in your Torn World gaming session, or equally suited for dungeonmasters looking for city maps in alternate systems."

I love maps & I love to fill them in. I'm the kind of Dungeon Master who will sit & think of what's around the corner here. What's in that building over yonder. What happens here and so forth. These are those types of maps. The sort of work that one sees with a lovingly crafted game world. 
A same of this style of map is 

There are three important reasons to get them 
  • The maps right now are on sale over at RPGNow 
  • They make great gifts for a gamer 
  • At 2.50 for these maps they're very nice!
For the level of detail & price you can't go wrong with this 9 page product. The fact that this is such a detailed but generic product is a strength in my humble opinion. There are very few things that I have to complain about. The formats are easy to use & are very easy on the printer as well.
The cover art leaves something to be desired but doesn't take away from the product  
How can this product be used for my style of gaming? 

There are ten reasons that I can give you for using these maps in your game. 
  1. They will not disturb your campaign world in any way. These are the types of maps that can easily be slipped into an existing world. 
  2. These maps can be used in a science fiction world for a lower technology axiom or tech level. 
  3. These maps can be used for important or unique locations with the plane prime of your world or as a special location on another plane. 
  4. You could use these maps for unique monsters & or encounters where the very fate of your campaign might be decided 
  5. There is so many little  details that these could be used for months without having to really get into the rest of the maps. 
  6. These maps were designed for a 1st edition AD&D world & so retain their old school flavor without going into more "modern" gaming feel 
  7. Print these out, soak them in tea, & burn them up then use them as player handout with key places burned away. 
  8. These maps could also be used for something like Human Space Empires or the Rogue Space Rpg for smugglers hideouts, pirate fortresses, etc. 
  9. These also make excellent references for important locations within a campaign at the last second. 
  10. These maps should inspire lots of adventures to come. 
The campaign world is Path Finder but don't let that stop you from taking a look into a world that has lots going for it! There's lots that can be hedged into a swords & wizardry game with little greasing. Here


  1. Nice looking maps. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Your very welcome Trey & thanks for the comment! Stay Tuned more to come!


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