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A World For Space Marines & Rogue Space

File:HD 40307 and its planets.jpg
Inquisitor Tugorgorgith waited in front of the inner door  The Dark Thunder. The semi mechanical slave one of his bounties looked at him  with a sweep of his  multi lensed eyes.  The scan was complete & right now back on Terra his presence was being noted among the stacks of information in the inner vaults.
"They shall be cleansed" croaked out the servitor unit.
"With in the Emporor's  name!" 
Tugorgorgith shot back  as he entered. 
A World in red laser  hologram floated in the center of the room. 
"The Emperor's name be praised"
A mechanical voice began to spell out the history of a very troubled world 

 Phantom Dragon member whose gene seed is lost & a chapter long vanished within the 
Ophiuchus 43 was the home to the Phantom Dragons a space marine chapter that defended itself to the last man during the days of the Horus Hersey. The world was taken by the warp & its inhabitants were taken by the greatest of planar demons. Once chaos had tired of this world it was cast aside in time & space as its randomness dictates. The world falls through time. For a time a colony of Slann settled on the world & built many mighty cities within its jungles for a time it was good. Then the world drifted on. 
File:Xcaret Mayan Ruins.jpg

For a time Eldar Traders used the temperate section world as a staging ground for their operations but then they abandon it as the world's weird characteristics became apparent. The world drifted even farther back in time! 
The human hive cities lay abandon until the world arrives in the time & era of the Human Empire.

A very advanced scout of the Atlans comes across the world & its siren planar call. He was a third man & an 8th level astronaut. This individual was part of a super mind.This Atlan  supermind; a consciousness composed of many telepathically-linked individuals was searching for a world such as this! The third men have been described as such-  Scarcely more than half the stature of their predecessors, these beings were proportionally slight and lithe. Their skin was of a sunny brown, covered with a luminous halo of red-gold hairs... golden eyes... faces were compact as a cat's muzzle, their lips full, but subtle at the corners. Their ears, objects of personal pride and of sexual admiration, were extremely variable both in individuals and in races. ... But the most distinctive feature of the Third Men was their great lean hands, on which were six versatile fingers, six antennae of living steel." Deeply interested in music and in the design of living organisms
 For over 2 years he lay in telepathic negotiations with the Slann still living there. Finally he called the rest of the Atlans to him & they moved into the abandon hive cities.

File:734 - Types d'Orient - Esclava.jpg
Many humans came to the thriving world to trade & settle. For a time it was good. There was a siren call into the jungles however.
They have not been seen since. There are rumors of a Slann colony still deep within the jungles. Where they remain & plot. They watch & wait. There are strange rumors of pyramid ships descending & ascending from the jungle floor.
Several ruins of the former inhabitants hive cities are still out there. Several Slann artifacts have turned up from time to time.
The jungles are not to be trusted!

The Hive Cities that are still spread across the world are set  up thus.
1. The level of the Third Men - These are the rulers above all. They're powers are extremely advanced. Their dictates aren't questioned. They are a law unto themselves.

2. The Atlan refugees level - These are the very best that humanoid life has to offer. These are still a very scary & alien people. They trade from time to time with the planets inhabitants but are mostly an alien & mysterious bunch

3. Programmers & Machines level - This is where most of the day to day life & the machines that keep the place going are kept.

4. The cities - These are the day to day cities where aliens,humans, & many others interact. They are places that are open 48 hours a day. Many space pirates & the like use these cities as ports. There are millions swarming its streets everyday.

5 Shipping & Commerce - Ships of all strips move through this level. This is a place of manufacturing & life ever turning.

The Pits - These are the lowest levels where the real deals go down. Here pirates can make their way into the rest of the city. Monsters from the very depths of mutation & chaos can be found picking off the pitiable inhabitants. The robot guards of Atlans pick off anything that makes its way to the city's entrances.

 This world is under Alpha Code in the 40K universe as it drifts in & out of the warp. There are  rumors of dark rites given to heathen gods & other darker sinister things in the jungles!

You can down load Rogue Space Here


  1. Incredible, compelling, and 10 kinds of freaky awesome! Brother if you are cool with it, I'd like to flip this into an RS booklet!

  2. I designed it for the the Rogue Space Rpg! There's no system stats for it. Add what you need. Anyhow there will be more to come! Stay tuned!


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