Thursday, December 22, 2011

Actual Play Thursday - The Nexus Chronicles Part II

The party finally made it to the ice castle where they were camped just outside of the tree line with the castle within sight.
 They were set upon by ice barbarians leading winter goblins on chains.
The bard of the party used several songs on them & oddly there was no reaction.
The tribe of ice goblins was camped just outside the castle. The patrolled the perimeter.

The PCs were able to sneak past the tribe & into the castle
The interior proved difficult as the roved around the halls

The roamed the halls as ice goblins went about their business

Several rooms were bobby trapped with ice mimics & strange fey

Finally they made it by a swarm of ice fairies that rained down several chunks of deadly hail & snow.

Finally the Pcs came to a long hall & heard chanting.
Santa Claus was about to be sacrificed by an avatar of the Ice Queen herself. Allowing winter to reign for ever!
The party killed the queen & was able to free Santa just as the knife was about to descend. Her minions rushed the altar & a quick teleport got them out of there.
The queen swore revenge as she disappeared in a pile of ice.
The party was seen outside the park just as Santa received his sleigh from a cleric of Saint Nicolas

So good solid Christmas game 

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