Saturday, December 24, 2011

Space Police - Character Class For a Swords & Wizardry Sci Fi Variant

They are an organization of brothers within the confines of space! The thin red line between normal Human Empire society & the wilds of space itself. They may wear the casual leathers of a civilian, the robes of a space pirate, or the costume of a slaver. Its all a ruse for within their heart of hearts they stand on the side of law & right!
It takes over 12 years of training to enter the higher ranks of the service. The space police extol the virtues of physical & mental training. This allows them to be a split class character according to the rules your playing(Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, etc.) The space police are part of a huge galaxy spanning organization that answers to the galactic counsel of worlds itself. They prefer to not get involved in local planetary system affairs but when an interstellar force begins to exert influence they are often brought to bare!
The space police officer will use the Swords & Wizardry fighter to hit charts, saving throws etc. If they qualify for the planar division they may train in the magical arts but will be at a -1 for all physical rolls.These officers bare a bit of a rod from fellow officers who see them as lesser police officers. These officers often work twice as hard to maintain their reputations as the ultimate examples of the organization.

Weapons & Armor restrictions 

The space police can use normal leather armor, spacer leathers, or even spacer military leathers. The are also +1 on the use of all armored space suits as well because of zero gee combat training.
Combat training Space police officers are +1 to hit with short sword, spear, longbow, & short bow because of the intense combat training they receive.
Saving Throws 
Space police officers are +4 to resist mental domination (sleep, charm, hold, telepathic control) because of the mental training that they receive.
 Social Stigma 
The life of a patrol man can be a lonely one. Friends, family, etc all may shy away from the character because of the reputation of the Space Police. Not all cultures are tolerate of these cruisers of justice. They may have difficulty finding hirelings, even in day to day common business.

 Exclusive Technology

 At 2nd level the Space Police officer will receive his gravitic blaster. A weapon exclusive to his profession. This weapon has a range of  200 yards, does 1d10 points of damage & works in a wide variety of planetary types. Because it uses planar lensing rather then simple physics the weapon will work in many dimensions, planes, etc. The weapon however is manufactured in very limited qualities & the lose of such a weapon is a matter of a loss of honor to the officer. He may find a substitute but fellow officers will be very upset & dismayed with the person. 

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