Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Super Science Contraband Weapons! Death, Destruction, & Mayhem

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Five Super Science Contraband Weapons!
  1. Tarus'suan Mirco Missile Brace - This weapon has been made by the space bats of Tarus'sua. Ten semi sentient micro robot missiles are arrayed on the bracer. These semi living weapons operate in space as well as atmosphere. They may be launched at moment's notice. The user must learn to craft the ammo himself as is the Tarus'suan way. 
Tarus'suan Mirco Missile Brace-  Range 360' Clip Ten Variable Damage 5d8 CR. 300

2. Anti Micro Blade Hoop & Gloves - Created by the deranged mind of the Greher weapons dealers. This sacred hoop of micro cast metallic crystals responds to the mind the user moving across 550 ' of  terrain & returning to the user's hands with little effort. The weapon may be made to make complicated turns with a telepathic skill or intelligence roll. The gloves allow one catch the weapon with little problem.A roll of one will cause the user to be damaged himself!
The weapon is often seen in the employ of bounty hunters, pirates, & in the gladiator areas of the Empire itself 

Anti Micro Blade Hoop & Gloves - Range 550 ' Clip 1 Variable Damage 1d8 1lb. CR.400 

3. X-Ray Gun - The X Ray Laser blaster is a weapon of the pirate a weapon that will penetrate most substances without damaging the materials itself. It is a coward's weapon & those who choose to wield it bring the wrath of  intergalactic society down on their heads. The gun ignores the 1st two layers of armor & gives a lethal dose of radiation to the target. It has a range of  70'
X-Ray Gun- Range 70' Clip 6 Variable Damage 2d8* 3lbs CR400**
*the weapon delivers a lingering radioactive dose to its target. The cancer & death follow in its wake. Unless super science powers or medicine is applied within 2 rounds
** Each of these weapons is hand built by a weapons smith/alchemist & must be crafted over a 2 week period. 
4. Planar Hands of Death - Another weapon of the Greher weapons dealers, this device creates 4 phantom hands which float around the user when actives them. They react & attack as if they were extra hands of the user himself. The user may multi-task with the hands but they will take a separate skill slot for use. The user may cast super science powers through them, attack & block etc. The use of these is tiring however & he must make a Constitution roll after using them for 6 or more rounds of play. They have an additional power. The user may once a day use an electro- planar attack from them for 1d6 per hand. The user must make a constitution roll if using this attack through all of the hands!
Planar Hands of Death- Range self  Clip 1d10 rounds Variable Damage 1d6 per hand 1lb. CR 400
File:Backscatter x-ray image woman.jpg
Another satisfied customer from the weapon merchants of  Hnalla  II 
5. Sonic Drill Ray Gun - A tool turned into a weapon this weapon will bore through flesh & bone as easily  as metal without ripping a hole in a space craft hull! The weapon has a range of 300' & a clip of 12 shots but is a power hog. The weapon uses light to carry an charge that has a sonic quality to it within atmosphere. The weapon is costly but pirates & scoundrels find the weapon effective for boarding actions & the like.
Sonic Drill Ray Gun -Range 300' Clip 12 Variable Damage 3d8 3lbs CR 600
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