Friday, December 30, 2011

Fey Worms - A Fairy Parasite !

These micro scopic planar parasites infect many types of fey. This cause the small fairy creatures become slaves to the biological needs of the parasitic creatures. Only advanced super science or spells may cure this malady which infects 1 in 10 fairies in the wild.
These parasites cause the fey to emit an azure colored glow & attracts the likes of  trolls, goblins, & worse who eat the poor creatures. The spoor of  these monsters allows the fey worms to continue its vicious cycle. A cure disease or light wounds spell  will get rid of the infection only 20% of the time!
In extreme cases the planar parasites can cause the fey to emit a magic missile style energy burst for 1d3 points of damage. This can be quite hazardous in a wood where multiple fey are infected!
Treemen are known to cull areas that are infected by these monsters & they have been know to infect even high elves whose intestines & extremities will light up randomly.
 Fey Worms Extremities Random Table 1d10  
  1. The character's arm glows like a disco tech with a dancing light effect 
  2. The intestines glow with a pitched repeating light effect 
  3. The ears of the victim change colors rapidly & with various colors of the rainbow 
  4. The eyes of the victim glow an intense green as does the mouth area 
  5. Hands glow with a red evil glow that rapidly intensifies as anyone approaches 
  6. The heart & chest area lights up with a thousand candle like glow 
  7. All liquids secreted by the body also glow & take on a different color depending on type blood,bile, urine etc 
  8. The victim gives off an azure light effect not unlike a magic missile every 1d4 hours uncontrollably 
  9. The victim's words are seen in a holographic neon effect that disappears like smoke. It leaves the scent of ozone in the air 
  10. The victim is subject to all of the above effects 
Call Fey Worm 
Second Level Spell 
Duration: 1d4 turns 

Range : 40" 

 This 2nd level spell is far too easy to cast & opens a diseased portal to a section of Arcadia where these things dwell. The spell may last an additional 1d4 turns & summon 1d20 X 10 worms. High elves & fey have been known to place bounties on the heads of wizards who teach this spell!
There have been several highly mutated versions of these parasites discovered among the various planes including some on various post apocalyptic worlds ! 


  1. Even faerie get parasites, eh? Makes sense. You're ever inventive, Eric!

  2. I try to be & why not parasites for everybody! If they don't discriminate why should I? Thanks for the comment Trey! I was trying to get back to basics here. You know mom, baseball,infected apple pie, & all of that!


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