Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ride The Space Ways in Style - 1940s style!

This is one slick little space coop from 1940 issue of  Planet Comics my go to retro future campaign retreat coming up! The  Art and text by Gene FawcettePlanet Comics # 9 © Fiction House, 1940.
Further background down below 

Where have we seen this style of images before?

Inter-system Rocket Ship Model #1940 
Displacement : 200 tons 
Drive: Ion Impulse Rockets ( replacing the hydrogen/oxygen fuel) 
Infergolator : Mark 1 
Computer: Old Style Mark 2 Precision Instruments (upgrade to a mark one possible 100 credits)
Ansible: Mark .05 
Armaments: Zeta Ray Cannon 1d10 Range 1 light yr, (2  rocket launchers atomic upgrade available 240 credits) 


  1. I feel able to pilot a rocket after thant elementary course in astronautics. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment & I'm not done with Planet Comics expect more soon! Thanks Trey! Stay Tuned more to come!


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