Friday, December 30, 2011

CARCOSA Monster: Gibbering Hathac-skegth - The Tongue Of Death

 Gibbering Hathac-skegth
# Appearing : 1-3 
AC: 6 
Movement: 9 
HD: 14 
% In Lair: 85 % 
Treasure: Nil 
 Gibbering Hathac-skegth are terror weapons brought to Carcosa over 4,000 years ago. These monsters stand 17 feet tall & are the most dire & terrible creatures around. A curse upon the brain of madness that created these terrible titans. They are hunters of  opportunity & their burbling hunting roars can be heard for miles. The sound carries though their fetid jungle home. Through some weird effect sounds far away when these monsters are camouflaged right by.
The first indication that these monsters are close at hand is a lashing attack by their barbed tongues which will cause 1 point of damage upon the target once it wraps around the victim. It will cause an addition damage each round until the fool is drawn into the mouth where they will be bitten for 1-6 points of damage.
Anyone who survives the vile attentions of these monsters will subject to disease of the worst kind which lives in the mouths & breeds in the gullet of these monsters. See matrix for disease type. Only science & some spells may cure. They will ignore other attacks made against them as the thick hide protects the monster against all but the most dangerous attacks. The tongue will regenerate in 1d3 days & extends 20 yards. The monster reels the prey in & can strike with it ever other round. They have been know to make a toxic spit attack as well. This spit will be septic & caustic causing 1d3 points of damage as well. The victims will be subject to disease. 
The sound of combat will attract others of this horror's type which will try to steal prey from the beast. These beasts are found throughout space & have been seen on many worlds. There are several different mutations of the basic species & all breed true. There are several alien races still breeding the things in space & traffic in these horrors is quite rapid. 
Please note that these monsters are done in the old version of Carcosa & not the newer version. These monsters may be used with other retro clones with some adjustment & would make a fine apex predator in other settings as well. 


  1. Good stuff! Let me make all the additions required for the new re-publication of Carcosa:

    Armor Class: 15

    Voila! Done. :D

  2. Nasty, brutish and very, very tall...with added disease-causing bad oral! You've really unleashed something weird and wonderful (DM-wise) with this one!

  3. Geoffrey McKinney! Long time no see! Awesome to get this comment from you! Really that's it then! Oh my well there's me saving a whole bunch of money & time. Even though I know that the new edition is worth every penny according to my European sources! Thanks for the comment & stay tuned I've got a ton of more Carcosian goodness to come!

    Garrisonjames coming from you that's a compliment that I'll take! Some of the awesome monsters lately & I've got something planned for them as well! Keep your eyes peeled folks the weirdness is just beginning!

  4. Great critter, perfect for Carcosa or a similar setting!

  5. Bill I've seen some of your older Gamma World creations & current space monsters that's high praise indeed. There's more like the above coming down the pike like tomorrow! So stay tuned!


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