Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ridley Scott’s Original Alien Trailer Recut to Match the Prometheus Trailer

So rewatching Alien tonight after viewing this! If you seen then you know that this mash up is going to be awesome! 
I would love to forget everything about Alien movie and see it like it was the first time! 
If you've seen the trailer for Ridley Scott'sAlien quasi-prequel Prometheus, then you're well aware of the undeniable similarities with the original Alien trailer. But now someone has gone the extra step — recutting the Alien trailer so it exactly mimics Prometheus, with the same soundtrack, fast cuts and title crawl. Check it out.
Thanks again to Io9 


  1. The first time I saw Alien was at the movie theater, I was ten years old, I begged my mom to take me to see it (Loved horror and sci if at the time) and the movie scared the crap outta me! One of the best times I ever remember at the movies!

  2. I'm watching Alien tonight & thanks for the comments its my favorite 70s horror movie! There's more to come! Stay Tuned!


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