Saturday, December 31, 2011

A CARCOSA Monster :The Nau'calaurhat - The Green Hunger

# Appearing 3-6 
Move :19 
Hit Dice: 4+1 
% In Lair : 20% 
Treasure Type: C 
The Nau'calaurhat - The Green Hunger  are feeders of all things in the under growth of Carcosa. These devil fiend reptiles move with a swiftness that belays their size. They move through the thorny undergrowth of the Carcosian jungle as if it wasn't there. The creatures have strange glowing compound eyes like those of an insect. These eyes have a series of seven pits under them enabling the monsters to sense & smell the warm blood of anything within 120". The bite does 1d3 points of  damage as these creatures circle prey & slice off a chunk of bloody flesh a bit at a time.
They are not pack animals & yet there are times when these reptile like cooperate to bring down large to huge prey. As soon as the animal is brought down they are fighting & snapping at each others throats. 
Carcosa legend states that the monsters were once watchdogs for being from beyond & their masters are long gone. Remarkably this might just be the case as several concentrations of the bastards are found living among several strange alien ruins.
The creature has two unique adaptions to the steaming fetid Carcosa jungles. The monster may once a day spit a corrosive bio acid 200 feet for 1d6 points of damage. The stuff will burn & boil on contact with the air.  The Nau'calaurhat's thick hide is immune the stuff though. It will continue to burn for 1d4 rounds after exposure. The other are the sharp ribbons razor sharp bone like cartilage on the back of the monsters. They do 1d3 points of damage for each round one is engaged in hand to hand combat with the monsters. 
The creature's claws are hardened bone like material that can damage even soft metals. These creatures are known to track prey through the jungle for days until the prey is taken.
They can see well in both night & day & at least one member of the species has adapted to underground life.
There are reports that these monsters have been seen else where within galactic space & on other worlds. The fiends do response to telepathic conditioning but the owners must never drop their guards lest they become the next meal!  

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