Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random Planar & Planetary Effects Table 1d10

Random Planar & Planetary Storm Effects Table 1d10 
  1. The storm sends ripples through the space time continuum. Demon summonings, planar crossing will put the caster 1d20 miles off of intended destination. 
  2. The storm creates strange eldrith radiation echoing through the hyper space waves. Exposure may create mutation & weird chaotic effects 
  3. Planar lightning bounces & appears oddly randomly around the Pcs & causes 1d3 points of damage to electronics & robots! 
  4. A solar storm rages within range of the primary star but only in hyper space. Any ship entering the system will be tossed around like a cork. All navigation checks at -3 
  5. A planar storm cuts off  all communications  for 1d4 weeks 
  6. Strange alien wreckage drifts into the solar system. 1d20 tons of it & will drift back into planar hyperspace in 1d4 days 
  7. A very pissed off alien war ship comes calling into the vicinity of the PCs 
  8. A jumbled frozen comet of plants caught in a comet comes in & will survive re entry into a near by planet. 30% chance of this being a monstrous plant mutant 
  9. Ancient Atlan battle station has entered into the system. It's armed & very dangerous or its a wreck abandoned & alone. 
  10. Galactus comes calling & is very hungry! 
The story that inspired it Here

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