Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nexus Christmas Chronicles ! Actual Play

What A fantastic game tonight! We used a combo of 1st edition AD&D with an inter spacing of Osric for my table top rpg hybrid! Santa was Kidnapped! A nearby park was over grown with a fairy forest that went immediately into a winter scene right out of the movie Legend! They encountered flying monkeys built for winter, got attacked by a pack of winter displacer beasts & bargained with a frost giant! The adventure was keyed for 5th & above characters. They ended by sighting the castle where Santa is due to be sacrificed!

The group now has the castle within its sights & is going to have it rough. The place is being manned by Ice giant mercenaries! 
The players are as follows 
Zader -6th level fighter
Reberoc - 6th level Gnome bard 
Cobble Box Peppermint - 6th level North pole Elf Illusionist  

All they have to do is cross the bridge & get within striking distance of the castle! 
Past these guys who are armed! 

Such an enchanted looking sight what could possibly go wrong?
Could this gentleman help? Might this Npc know the secret byways of the fairy forest?
Could be!
The hunt for the jolly old elf continues! 
Tune in next week when more is revealed!

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