Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lust's Passionate Promise - A New Illicit Substance For Human Space Empire

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Lust's Passionate Promise

 This plant/ fugus grows within the groves sacred to Dlamélish known as the thighs of the goddess. For over 6 centuries within the Human Empire there has been a drug war going on between the "righteous" followers of Dlamélish & her illicit pirate clan followers. She seems much pleased with this situation.

 The drug must be taken to a moon of the Alpha 8 to bask in the blue star's light for 12 days. This drug tastes of the first kiss of a virgin's bedding, it slowly ticks down the user's throat. It is only then that the strange & warping effects of the stuff become evident with 1d3 rounds. Tissue & flesh run under this stuff's influence as wax or a candle's flame. 1d20 years are instantly removed from the subject giving him the flush of vigor & youth for 1d6 months. 

              Lust's Passionate Promise Main Effects 1d10 Random Effect's Table 

  1.            Charisma improves by 1d3 points but the subject's morals are eroded 
  2. The subject sees demons & they see him. They will act in hostility 
  3. The subject is the target of lust of the opposite or same sex depending on 30% roll 
  4. The subject is aged 1d20 years as well 
  5. The subject loses all body hair which is replaced with a fine set of sensor tendrils instead +2 to all skill checks 
  6. The subject vanishes in a haze of purple smoke taken by the goddess herself! He is never seen again 
  7. The subject is infused with the strength of gods +3 to all strength stats 
  8. The subject gains the sight from beyond +2 to all space navigation rolls but must wear protect for his sight as ordinary stimulus now hurts & causes pain! 
  9. The subject's sexual prowess is enhanced & they gain a lust beyond all for even the most unnatural things
  10. The subject is erased in blaze of holy fire consumed by the goddess herself's lust!
    The rawer form of the drug must be boiled into a tea & injected just behind the user's eye! The other version is taken orally as a sacrament of this goddess.
    There are rituals which insure the safety of this drug. A refinement of super science abilities allows the random effects to keep this substance safe for 1d3 months before these random effects return. Once consumed the drug allows the user to navigate safely through the most treacherous regions of space safely. The subject must make a sacrifice of 1d20 credits in the name of the goddess once the danger has passed however!

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  1. So is this goddess & I'm just starting to really deeply read Empire of the Petal Throne again! So there will be more in this theme coming up!


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