Friday, December 23, 2011

The RAGGYHI - The Watchers Of The Planes

The are the all that is left that floats in the madness & destruction of the death of a prime material plane. They feed on any stray morsels left behind. Time & space are meaningless to them. The RAGGYHI float within at least 12 dimensions perhaps more & can't be hit except by +2 weapons or better. Planar energy weapons do only half damage to them as their attackers only see bits & pieces of these universe spanning entities.
Yet there exists in this universe a shape of sort for them. The Nargri are the face that speaks for them within this time space continuum. Those who have encountered these trickster spirits are not sure of their sardonic humor & cruel jokes. These jokes always seem to conceal some sort of horrible cosmic truth or revelation. Those who seek these monsters out are never sure if they are dealing with The Nargri or their evil cruel side the RAGGYHI. Time, shape, & all of the dimensions that we take for granted are meaningless to them. Assigning them stats for a game is useless. A dungeon master should use a generic demon template for these creatures then add the following powers esp, +2 claws, telepathy, telekinesis, & psychokinesis. They use an invoke symbol of insanity once per day. They may use a shocking grasp power as the spell.
These monsters my be dismissed with a limited wish or a rebuke by a greater god of law & these monsters will be banished back to the Greater 7 Outer Darkness where they will wait & plot anew!
These monsters have been known to possess dead bodies & corpses for their own ends. The bodies will mutate & warp beyond use in 1d20 rounds as the chaotic nature of the monster causes dimensional instability in the thing!
A greater symbol of law will hold them at be for a little while, usually no more then 1d10 rounds after which they will come to mock the PC. This mocking may cause fear as the spell.
These monsters are wholly unpleasant & vicious in nature as well as being completely unpredictable. Caution is advised! 
The masks of  The Nargri who mock this universe & all beyond 

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