Thursday, December 22, 2011

For All Your European Post Apocalypse Mega-Dungeon Needs!

Need a great destination spot for your post apocalypse game then look no further. Add those bat things in from Primeval & your good to go! 

One Million Londoners Will Live in a Single Tower

London has to provide housing for a million more people by 2016, taking into account new arrivals, plus old-timers who need an upgrade. Since space is limited, UK company Popularchitecture is proposing a 5,000-foot high tower that would house pretty much everybody all in one shot—and reduce four city neighborhoods to a single cylindrical building. See the whole thing below.

The tower, which at this point remains simply a novel idea, would take up little actual ground space and run like a proper democracy. It is literally broken up into municipal areas—the "neighborhood" is a singe floor of 600; the village is 20 floors and houses 6,000. There are also three super-districts that house 33,000 people each.
Elected reps serve in a local government and have regular meetings to decide what to do with common areas, which would include an ice skating rink, a botanical garden, an open-air theater, and tennis courts.
Circular openings in sections of the tower will provide nature-y parks and gardens for citizens. Five circulation cores with massive elevators—think the Tube, except it goes up and down instead of weaving underground—transport residents from neighborhood to neighborhood. Water and waste will be recycled, and fresh water harvested from the clouds, which pretty much start right around where the tower's peak ends.
Since your workplace, your local movie theater, and all your friends will be in the same building, you'll ever have to leave.
How convenient/scary! Images by Popularchitecture
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  1. Wow. Cool find. The gaming uses of this (post-apoc, cyberpunk, etc.) and large.

  2. Its very cool & very much real world. There's lots that can be done with this!

  3. Thanks for the comment & there's more megastructure weirdness to come!

  4. unlikely to ever see that around here -- we live in an earthquake zone (San Andreas Fault isn't all that far from my house, geographically speaking).

  5. Yeah, Europe always gets the cool stuff doesn't it. Thanks for the comment & there will be more mega structure goodness to come! Stay tuned!


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