Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Book of Ebon Bindings Part II

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Here's the second part of this article on the book of Ebon Bindings. Many of these demons & the like can change the destinies of nations. They're appearance heralds the Empire of  The Petal Throne apocalypse for that nation. This means any appearance can change history.
The Ideas for temples, lost shrines, & other abandon locates abound. There are so many story hooks that just leap off of the page.
In a world of numerous temples with statues to a huge variety of demons & cohorts. The fact is that many of those statues may just come to life as well as rip your Pcs apart!

There are numerous reasons why PCs or Npcs might be down in those temples in the first place. Gathering spell components, or trying to learn how to stop those powers in the first place as well.

The capabilities of each & every demon are spelled out in this book but it does make each one true! There are numerous examples of spell books & such from history that are riddled with contradictory information. Dealing with any of these entities can be a campaign unto itself.
The book proves a huge number of cold case evidence as background for a demon cult operating with the Empire of the Petal Throne. Imagine stumbling onto a bunch of this stuff in the middle of another adventure!
Is the really any reason why any of these spells actually work? Imagine gathering up all of this stuff for a summoning & nothing actually happens!
Any of these demons or cohorts can only be summoned by world leaders or tyrants. These demons are of such magnitude that they will effect  the geo-political structure by their very appearance. This is the kind of stuff that gets whispered about for years to come! Other countries are going to know when a weapon of mass destruction is summoned on their very doorstep!
By the same token anyone summoning these things is going to have much to answer for with the gods of stability! There's an adventure -Restore the reputation of your home country! Bet that's going to involve a trek to a major shrine.
There are going to be major amounts of fallout from the minor demons of these entities. Guess whose going to be cleaning up after a demon lord blunders through the world. Lets not mention the political blow back from these entities! 
In closing I'd like someone to imagine a copy of this falling through time to the era of  The Human Space Empire. The revelations from this book would be mind blowing & very very frightening. Someone from that era using the book would be another possibility. Because the entities are beyond such petty concerns as time, distance, etc. Those are some of my thoughts & because there are no stats in this book the Dungeon Master has cart blanc do as they like 

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