Monday, December 12, 2011

Space Salvage Table II

Space Salvage Table II  Roll 1d10 
  1. Hull plating Iridium Based 200 credits 
  2. Electronics systems alien 300 credits 
  3. Phaser weapons systems 200 credits 
  4. Torpedoes 20% armed & dangerous 10% not armed 100 credits each Roll 1d10 for number found 
  5. Alien Cloaking systems higher technology then Human Empire 500 credits 
  6. Wreck infested with Space Parasites Roll for number encountered 1d10 
  7. Copper, gold wire, & other metals 300 credits worth 
  8. Hyper space system intact but active! 20% of random jump now! 
  9. Escape capsule intact & not used 400 credits 
  10. The space ship is completely salvageable
Random Condition Table 1d10 
  1. I might be able to use those parts! 
  2. That's useless junk! 
  3. Where did you get this system its a classic add 100 credits 
  4. That system has been recalled 5 times subtract 50 credits 
  5. That's so much junk but I know a guy that might be able to use it minus 10% 
  6. The market value has dropped but I can use it so here's an extra 10 credits 
  7. Find me more of those 100 credits 
  8. You can't sell that its toxic so I've got nothin for ya! 
  9. That has some market value -normal price 
  10. That's a classic man! Get me more 100 credits 
Random Space Wreck Encounter Table 1d10 
  1. Ship is possessed by a planar demon! 
  2. The super structure is riddled with bore worms 40% of infection (treat as rot grubs) 
  3. The crew never left! Space Zombies! Roll 1d4 for number 
  4. Space Dragon lair! 
  5. Spacial Anomaly Wreck is shifting into The Outer Darkness! 20% of escape 
  6. Space Angel Nest 
  7. Parasite Infected! Roll for number1d10 for number 
  8. Time Elemental age 1d4 years unless save is rolled 
  9. Undead lair 10% of lich 
  10. Nothing encountered!


  1. Nice table as usual, and the pics really add to it. You most scour the far-corners of the web for those!

  2. Thanks for the comments Trey! I find the pictures whenever & however I can! There will be more to come!


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