Sunday, December 11, 2011

A.1 Space Viking Treasure & Plunder Table 1d10

Space Viking Treasure Table 1d10 
  1. Dilithium power crystals 10 pounds  Worth 600 credits 
  2. Breeding Stock - Human Male or Female 300 credits (good health & teeth)
  3. Slaves  300 credits  educated & intelligent 
  4. Marvsti Holo fabrics - 400 credits (in the right port) 
  5. Oxygen & atmosphere 9 gases In tanks( 500 credits in the right port otherwise 200 credits) 
  6. Electro-Plasma In Magnetic Transfer Bottles 300 to 200 credits (depending on level of facility )
  7. Deep Space Spices 400 credits (perfect for the preservation of food in deep space) 
  8.      Farm Equipment 330 tons 300 credits 
  9.   Electronics For Space Ship Manufacture 200 to 600 credits. Depending on type roll on appropriate matrix 
  10.                     Space Craft ! Priceless  Roll on appropriate matrix
    cover of 1980s Ace reprint of Space Viking


  1. Love that book! We played a Space Viking Campaign back in the day! Course the Traveller Sword Worlds are based on this if I recall!

  2. Same here! Glad someone else has gotten to play in one! I never got to play in that sector Bill! Thanks for the comment man & Stay Tuned there's more to come!

  3. Love that book. Hate that particular cover though.

  4. Thanks Narmar! There will be more to come! The cover isn't the best but there have been worse! Thanks for the comment!


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