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The House of Fenwick's Purveyors of Fine Artifacts & Forbidden Objects

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 Half way between several Heavens, an alternatively modern  Hell or two, & around the corner from a deserted Limbo is The House of Fenwicks. Fenwick's are the purveyors of fine artifacts, antiques, & forbidden objects. Operating since the beginning of time or the 12th century of yesteryear, Fenwicks are the very best at acquiring, gathering, & selling artifacts of an arcane nature. These incredible merchants reside on a mini plane ready to do business at the drop a hat.
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They employ only the very best adventurers, scientists, merchants, & traders to act as their agents. They move throughout the planes buying, selling, stealing, & setting up shop so that others might have the tools of the adventuring trade they need.
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Fenwick's has a unique set of mini planar storage units that house thousands of units in a single dimension. These millions of units are put into operation once a god, devil, lich, or other threat is taken down. They are the ones to call to move in & take possession of the loot.

Random Evalution table 1d10 
  1. I'm so sorry but the market will not bare this artifact its simply out of fashion right now 40% mark down from the value. 
  2. Fantastic we are looking for those 15% up sell from market value. 
  3. Those are dangerous & unstable we can't use those. 
  4. That item is exactly the sort of thing I've got a client for I'll give you 400 gold pieces for it.
  5. The cost of doing business has gone up. We'll give you 10% less for that. 
  6. This is a fake, I'll not pay a penny over 100 gold pieces 
  7. This isn't a real one, & besides its only has 3 charges left 
  8. Are you sure that you want to sell that? I can get you a good price at 10% of the list 
  9. That's a real one for sure 20% of market value 
  10. The god, demon is sure to come after you. Here's 50 gold pieces & we'll take care of your funeral arrangement 
 Fenwick's moves through out the planes & yet who or what runs the organization is a mystery. There are those who have broken into their dimensional ware houses only to be found buried under the pop cultural debris of a thousand worlds. They've been drained dry & their eye sockets empty!
There is a 40% that they may have a given item & that they are willing to sell it! More often then not favors & errands are expected for items instead. These favors can be called in weeks, months, even years later!
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A random encounter listing for objects in Fenwicks 1d10 
  1. A bottle of tears of an innocent man - The bottle slowly cries to itself at night but an application of the stuff will keep an angel, devil, or demon at bay for 1d6 rounds. 8 applications 
  2. The dram of moon beams - This jar of moon beams will allow one to woo the girl or guy of their dreams. The stuff will subject the person to lycanthropy though unless a saving throw is made! 
  3. Prism of  A God's Light - This piece of glass shows things & objects as they really are. Illusions & the like are disbelieved with a +1 on all rolls but it really does show how things are fascinating really. A successful saving throw might make you look away but why not another peak? 
  4. Statue of Bast - This statue animates at night & will act as a pet & companion but wants to be fed a spell every night. The cat must report to the goddess but what does in report? 
  5. Wand of Indecision - 5 charge want that makes any one hit not sure what do next for 1d4 rounds. What was it we were doing? 
  6. The Flesh Magazine -  A magazine of sleaze, smut, & spells of living flesh that whispers forbidden spells to the owner. 1d4 spells every 1d6 days unless it doesn't feel like talking 
  7. The Baubles of  Ra - A small orb no bigger then 2 inches round that shows a sunny day in a desert. If smashed does 1d6 points of damage to the target. Very rare because there is a 10 % of summoning the god himself 
  8. The scales of  Namor - Named after some ancient fish god, these scales weigh the courage of anyone standing near them. Supposedly used to choose a champion but also work well under water. 
  9. The watch of  Father Time- An ancient time piece created by a super hero from some alternative universe. Acts as a hold spell each time it is used. Three charges left 
  10. The universal remote - Broken! 
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Rates & such File:Västgötaknalle.tiff 
Fenwicks always acts through its agents traveling the planes. They will hire adventurers in the local currency at  10 % normal rates. The job must be completed & they will cover funeral costs but never resurrection or the like. They pay on time & any double crosses will dealt with swiftly & without mercy! File:Ringwood Il Medicine show1.JPG 
Be sure to visit your local Fenwick's today for the best deals on magic swords, wands, & other  objects of the forbidden! 


  1. The first sentence alone is great! I particularly dig objects 6, 8, and 10, too.

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