Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Songs of A Dead Star - The Discipline of the Black Worlds

Songs of A Dead Star - The Discipline of the Black Worlds 
Not all hells are forgotten & the dreams of demons seldom lay still. Those who seek strange nay unearthly powers call upon the temples of temples of the forgotten ones. Those whispers of dead secrets whose essence were borne away a billion years ago in dust. They were locked out of the universe by the Krell but their temples still orbit stars a thousands epochs gone black & never heard of.
Flames of The Fit One Level 1 -The fool who wishes power is taken to a blasted black plane & fed forbidden sacramental drugs. His mind trips through the eons to witness the blasted history of the cosmos. His body receives the flames of eternity. They ignite within his heart & live within. Each time he does hand to hand damage the cold flames of the star add +2 to all attacks. The fool takes damage himself unless he makes a save verus poison each sun rise. The flames dance & capper within him whisperings the longing of demons to him. 
Mind of a Dead Star Level 2- The fool can now hear the whispers of those stars that circle damned worlds in the darkness. The very space around them seeths with secrets & spells. The fool may pull randomly a bit of mental power from those conversations unheard of by mortal man. Once a day he may whisper a secret so vile that those around him will take 1d3 points of damage unless a saving throw is made. This effects friends & foe alike. 
The Worshiper's Form Level 3 - The fool's mortal form is racked by the energies of those whirling bodies of hellish space. The mark of the Black Omen appears on the forehead of the user & opens whirling vistas of insanity before the user's eye. The worshiper gains infra-vision & should one stare into the user's eyes they must save versus or be stunned as they are enveloped by night mare visions for 1d4 rounds.
The user's form becomes pale, black, & sparkles with the hellish glow of the forms of long extinct demons. The user must make a saving throw each time this power is used to return to their mortal frame! 
Whispers Of Power Level 4 - The user may speak words of power that do 1d6 points of damage each time this power is used. The user loses -1 points of charisma & constitution the user's frame becomes even more inhuman & adapted to the conditions of those dead stars. Strange physical mutations begin to appear & abuse of this power may cause cancers of the soul & mind. Dungeon masters should be inventive here. 
Soul of A Dead Star Level 5 - The mortal fool has taken the ultimate step on the road of stellar damnation. His mind & soul become tools for a dead god to use. The user's heart is replaced by an orb of dead stellar material & user pulls from it flames of an unknown fire. The user may pull a series of small flames of cold hell fire from their finger tips for 1d10 points of damage. The mortal frame is replaced by a mockery reverse image of his mortal frame. He heals 1 point of damage each round. He must make a saving throw to resume his mortal form & an intelligence roll to want to. 
The fool's soul belongs to those foul gods locked away. He will assume his rightful place within the temples to those damned gods under the stars. He may gain his soul back if he can find someone to replace him in the ranks of the damned however. 


  1. Nice to see the Krell getting in on things.

    I think "The Road of Stellar Damnation" would be a great album title for some sludge rock band.

  2. Thanks Trey! That does sound like a great album title for a sludge band! Thanks there will be more stuff coming down the pike! I really have to thank the folks over at the Garrison James series of blogs for getting me going on the Krell! There's more of that stuff coming up! Stay Tuned!


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