Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five Psychic Powers That Might Save Your Characters !

Savage Memories Level 1 - The user is able to unhook their consciousness from the mortal frame they now wear. They are drawn down the coil of unconsciousness by the blood,thunder, & dreams of their savage ancestors. They will become their ancestors for 1d4 days of dream time actually 1d20 hours.They will  appear as if in a trace.  During these savage vision quests they may be killed or damaged which will be adventuring. They may role play to gain wisdom, life lessons, even increase attributes. They may gain a +1 or even up to a +2 on an attribute. This is up to the dungeon master however. Those that come out of this state may still be under the savage primal instincts of the past. They may enter a beserk state for 1d4 rounds after they emerge & only with a saving throw may avoid this state. 
There are those who grow so accustom to using this power that they summon this primal state when entering combat. All damage is done with a +1. Over time this primal state will erode the social attributes Charisma, etc. will go down by - 1 every 1d4 months of game time.
Summon the Space Worms Level 2 The user is able to reach through his mind into the reaches of the Outer Darkness & summon 1d4 space worms that reside there. These 1d3 hit dice creatures are under his control but will leave after 1d6 rounds. They're attacks do 1d6 points of damage & wounds made by them will not heal right unless spells or expensive powers are used!

 Communicate with The Dream Stream Level 3 - The psychic is able to reach through the darkness of his own mind to call out to the dreams & nightmares of others. They will whisper ancient secrets & deadly threats of the mortal mind. Over time the creatures will invade the users mind & increase intelligence & wisdom by +1 to +2 . However they may also manifest in the form of 1 or 2 hit dice monsters given glowing ectoplasmic form by the summoner from his orifices.

Project The Horror Level 4 - The user has total control of the ectoplasmic manifestations occurring around them as this power is put into practice. They may project it, make physical attacks, etc. The stuff is +1 on all damage as it crawls, oozes, & moves like a living thing. Those using this power for more then three times a day will begin to lose intelligence, wisdom, etc at a rate of -1 point ever three days. The strain on the humanoid mind is incredible. 
Summon Myths of The Others Level 5 - The user calls out to the realms of  epic myths & legends told around the camp fires of countless worlds. Monsters or myth or legend will heed the user's call. The person's mind acts as a gate way for these lost & way ward monsters. The person will take 1d6 points of physical damage as their essence is used in the operation of this power. The monster will not attack the person when they manifest in 1d4 rounds but they will not be friendly to his companions either. This power may only be used twice per day. The monster may depart or stay as they will. What is summoned is up to the dungeon master 

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