Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star Trek Into The Darkness Trailer - Slightly Different

Well the new Star Trek Into The Darkness Trailer has hit the interwebs and then there's this one (The Japanese version) which CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!
I'm very excited and very disappointed that this gives some much of the plot away. The voice over sounds like Sir Patrick Stewart and that's a good thing.Its Mr.Cumberpatch.  Again I'm going to have to get a wait & see attitude with the film. This is an alternative time line so well see.
However its a bit of an exciting time to be a Alternative Trekker fan !?!
That being said there are already four instances where the DM in me is going I can use that! 
  1. The warp planes over head. That looks interesting 
  2. The fact that warp ship is rising from the waters. Something I've not thought of.  
  3. The dungeon location looks very cool and what the hell are those fast growing plant/alien things. Red Weed from War of The Worlds? 
  4. City destruction is always a plus and in it goes 

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