Friday, December 21, 2012

Four Post Apocalyptic Televisions For Your End Of The World Viewing

Well the end of the world is almost upon us again. So I thought I'd share four of my favorites for your viewing and inspiration pleasure. Since everyone loves the retro 70s science fantasy vibe here we go.
 The Logan's Run television show took place in its own little corner of the Logan's Run television universe and really made an impression on the POA genre. The game's echoes are still being felt on gaming tables every place. Simply its Logan, a beautiful companion/love interest and his faithful android friend. The escape from the Domed City and away they go in a hover car. The encounters they have are part of the series and they encounter have all happen while being pursued by Frances. Logan's ex Sandman partner.

There's a lot to steal here for your favorite POA game. The sets , backgrounds, the NPCs are all able to be ported into Gamma World or Mutant Future without mercy. 

Then of course their's the other incredible POA  influence when the world went to those damn filthy apes. The Planet Of The Apes television series was its own universe as well. Sure there were familiar themes and such but man this was violent little slice of  televised ape adventures. The apes, the themes, expansions, new settings, etc. It was all there to be used and abused for post apocalyptic gaming and it was/is perfect for inspiration.

 When it comes post apocalyptic television shows there are a few of the lesser known ones. Such as the 70s Saturday morning vehicle called Ark II. This is a fixer up and its a very odd little show. There's lots to use here. Cool vehicles  weird NPCs, gene spliced chimps, and odd adventures. The whole show looks like a cliche but this was Saturday morning fare.

Of course then there's the whole Saturday morning cartoon and nothing speaks volumes then Thundarr The Barbarian. Perhaps the best kids cartoon for Post Apocalyptic fare bare none.
The whole thing screams science fantasy. So that's what's on my Net Flicks menu for this evenings entertainment. Cheers folks. See ya on the other side.

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