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1d10 Random Planar Demons Encounter Table Between The Folds of Space & Time For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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Each of these creatures will create a 5 hit point body for itself when summoned with a variation of the Summon Monster Spell or the 3rd level psychic discipline Summon Thing Of The Outer Darkness. The creature creates a psychic barrier around itself of an armor class of eight or less. The beast may only exist for 1d4 months as long as  it psychic feeds off of a health male adult for no less then 4 hours each day. There may be more exotic requirements depending upon the needs of a particular planar demon.
These bodies are only temporary things at best should the beast be destroyed, they may not return to the local space time continuum for another 120 years. 
Summoners should be aware that a circle of polarized power must be created before any attempt is made to summon a demon of the 6th power or better. The creature will materialize from its Outer Darkness sub space and the summoner must make a wisdom and charisma roll immediately. Failure may result in the demon trying to devour the summoner or psychic. 
  1. Abhotatsh The Deathless Thing - This demon devours the souls of those lost in hyperspace and eats the entrails of those steal from the weak and helpless. It knows the location of lost books of forbidden knowledge and the secret names of the rulers of the coldest Hells in space 
  2. Bho'yaac The Time Waster - This demon haunts the dreams of navigators and tempts them with hidden vectors to worlds of vast riches and unending flights to places undreamed  of. The demon uses the imagination of mankind to  hatch his young and allows them to tear their way from the mind of mankind 
  3. Eithosh The Temptress - This demonette makes promises that she never keeps and wastes the time of spacers by allowing them to see the hidden paths of lost caches of alien technology. She will draw a map to these things into the flesh of her summoners at the cost of their very souls. 
  4. Hazshua-bhog -A former logical AI of the seventh power whose given its artificial soul to be a god. Instead it has become a morass of forbidden knowledge and pornographic images of the divinities  This monster sells fragments of its own mind to its summoners in return for their souls. The monster promises the most incredible depravities and access to almost divine spells. Very few gain these pieces of the forbidden or divine in the end. 
  5. Hubonogo The Wreckage of The Heavens - Created from the left over material of dead stars and remains of lost worlds. This collector of lost trinkets deals in the most base relics of the lost and the damned. He trades dreams of forgotten peoples and lifeforms for his dross of the infinite. He is sleazy trickster of the eighth heaven of the infinite. 
  6. K'laqugotha - The Promised Lost - This vile thing is all that remains of three warring factions of alien life. Their final soul searing war of oblivion created this confused morass of hellish life that rolls through the cosmos pleading with summoners to take a piece of itself. Only for a brief time is it given peace. The demonic essence serves as a becon of violence and terror to those whom the summoner wants destroyed. The vile thing whispers false promises and secrets undream of by the dark's minds 
  7. Lotharl-oscho- The Loathsome Interruption - This  creature hunts mages and psychics and destroys them in the most vile way it can then consumes the soul of the poor wretch. The vile thing will sing their knowledge to its summmoner 
  8. Lzotha - The Lying Sack of  Offal - This four hundred pound sack of offal is the lowest form of demon condemned to clean the angles of creation with its very essence. The foul fiend finds many lost treasures and relics with it will bargain with  its summoner for their souls. The condemned become one of the clean up crew who follow Lzotha through the cosmos. Moving from one job to the next throughout eternity 
  9. Nyuggotehu - The Illusion Without End - This creature is nothing more then the lost dreams and unrealized promises of  extinct sentients.  It deals in nothing but the art and minds of others that it has tricked or stolen from its summoners. The creature knows many hidden routes between the stars and places where lost treasures may be found. It will tell you for a price 
  10. Sa'dan The Hurtful Truth - This creature is summoned when a psychic or sorcerer wishes to torture a victim with waves of anti life energies. This creature will suck the very life essence from the soul and body of the victim while leaving the body alive and healthy. This vile creature plucks the very soul strings of the poor fool playing the tortures for months or even years. The demon and victim become bound in the essence dance within these tortures. This demon will spit for all of the secrets of its charge nothing is hidden from its processes.


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