Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lovecraftian Psychic & Super Science Powers Misfire Chart For Your Old School Space Opera

Psychic & Super Science Powers  Misfire Chart 1d10 
  1. The psychic power joins with the Outer Darkness summoning 1d8 planar ghosts who will wreck havoc on the caster. They will do everything within their power to kill the target 
  2. A demon of the most common type is gated into the area by the incredible energies of the power being used. The psychic must roll a save vs wands or loss 1d3 points of constitution from the strain 
  3. An entire carpet of planar parasites surrounds the casters and they will take 1d4 points of damage should they try stepping through the monsters from the coldest hells of space and time. 
  4. The power turns inward take 1d4 points of damage as the power ravages your nervous system and mind 
  5. The psychic becomes a telepathic tuning fork. All conversations around the psychic are beamed into his head. He will be unable to block any of the chaotic mess that is the human mind from his. All rolls are at -3 while the effect is working. 
  6. The psychic attracts the attention of a Great Old One who will try to possess or track down the psychic to drive them completely mad. 
  7. The psychic is a channel for ghosts, demons, and all kinds of planar inhabitants. The psychic will speak in tongues each time new entity comes forward. There is a 40% chance of the entities trying to possess the user. 
  8. A planar worm infects the psychic, unless the 2 hit point monster is removed, the psychic's head will explode for 4 points of damage 
  9. Great Chlhu himself notices your mind and wishes to communicate or devour your pretty mind 
  10. The psychic is taken to realms of Azathoth and torn  apart. Hand your character sheet to your DM

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