Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What's In Santa's Sack 1d30 Random Item Encounters Table

Besides Toys and gifts what else is waiting for your party in Santa's Sack of  Magic, Mayhem, And Mystery.
What's In Santa's Sack 1d30 Random Item Encounters Table
  1. 1d10 Gremlins with tools of mayhem that scatter as soon as the sack is open. 
  2. Minor magic item - Cursed doll of Traland - Eyes glow evilly and with malice 
  3. 1d3 random minor potions 
  4. A hell cat pissed off and ready for blood and battle. 
  5.  A Christmas Elf with an uzi ready for battle. Half a clip of ammo in the banana clip and counts as a 2nd level fighter.
  6. A dagger covered in yellow gore. +1 dagger 
  7. AK-47 machine gun with various names of rain deer crossed off. 
  8. Golden cross with smoke coming off it. Very effective against undead 
  9. Bottle of Hooch - Acts as a healing potion 
  10. Evil doll with various toy weapons looking for blood, reanimates into a 3 hit dice monster with an armor class of 8 and capable of dealing 1d4 points of damage with bite, claw or by weapon 
  11. Folded up corpse of a zombie chimney sweep 3 hit points 
  12. 2nd level fighter Christmas elf with a bow of slaying and an attitude 
  13. A group of animated toys, they play a tune and then scatter back into the sack from all directions 
  14. Children's lunch box filled with chocolate gold coins and semi precious stones 
  15. Magic eight ball that has 1d4 random second and first level spells. Five charges 
  16. Magic flute 4 charges summons a golden dragon 2 hit points chaotic aspect 
  17. Alarm Clock that goes off as soon as its out of the sack. Summons the nearest wandering monster 
  18. Chain saw +1 fully fueled and ready for battle! 
  19. Army of Teddy Bears 1d8, 2 hit points each, Armor Class 8, 1d4 claws, Chaotic 
  20. Two monster dragon toys able to breath fire 1d6 points of damage, 30 foot radius, 3 charges each 
  21. Ancient thieves tools covered in blood. With a note attached that says," Help me." They come from deep in the bag 
  22. Mini coffin containing a ghost of Christmas Future and a single child's wish 
  23. Finely cooked meal with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Heals 1d6 points of damage almost instantly. One use item only.
  24. Golden harp that plays a charm person spell then disappears 
  25. Toy hover car remote controlled that has a bomb strapped to it. 1d6 points of damage, 30 foot range for the toy. 
  26. Tool box, full set of tools. +2 to all repair rolls especially sleds 
  27. Duct tape with a light side and a dark side. Temporarily repairs anything for 1d8 rounds 
  28. Ugly Sweater - Cursed item from the deepest Christmas Hells 
  29. Ax +2 undead slayer 
  30. A mini sled that will act as a teleport spell without error disappears after one use. 

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