Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pulp Saturday - Call Moon Plague Spell and Random D10 Table

Call Moon Plague
Spell Level: 8th level 
Range: 1 light year 
Duration: 2 hours 
The caster calls the horrors of the Moon Plague down upon the victims heads from the darkest depths of the Outer Darkness. The caster will call 1d4 horrors from a 1 light year radius there is a 20% of nothing answering the call. The caster may incur the wrath of the powers of the Outer Darkness who will come at a later time within 1d6 to devour or demand answers of why their dreamless sleep was disturbed.
The spell will call down upon the fools the moon plague. These monsters are scavengers of the lowest type that sucks the slime from the brow of the horrors of the Outer Darkness. These 3 hit point horrors regenerate as trolls and will remove 1d8 years from the life from the victims unless a save vs death is made. They may attack with ringed sucker mouths for 1d4 points per strike.
There are other horrors however. Once the threshold has been opened from whence these bastards come there are other effects that follow within 1d3 rounds. Only a psychic plea to the Lords of Light may banish these horrors. They will evaporate back to the Outer Darkness until the stars are right in three hours.
Effects Of The Moon Plague 
  1. All light sources begin to burn with an unholy darkness and everyone is at a minus one to fight them. 
  2. The skip of time begins and everyone is thrown forward 3 hours in time. Eventually a time gate may open. 
  3. Reality begins to run like wax and the insanity of the Outer Darkness creeps in. This effect only lasts 1d3 rounds 
  4. The hyperspace around the area is disrupted shunting all system traffic into normal space. The plague vanishes within a round. 
  5. The wisdom of the ages crawls its way into the minds of all present. Vast secrets weight upon the minds of all present. A wisdom check is needed to vanish this knowledge that man wasn't meant to know
  6. All present see dangerous reflections of themselves and they are left wanting to know more. Their charisma is lowered by 1d4 points for 1d3 days as they take on these strange and weird aspects 
  7. The horrors of unreality walk among the characters. These are only specters of what might be when the stars are right but they are enough to shake everyone down to the core of their being. - 3 on all rolls for 1d3 rounds. 
  8. The image of the black sun appears and shines its unholy light all around. The plague's worst aspects manifest and the characters must check for disease or experience their worst memories replayed over and over. 
  9. The stars themselves scream as the PCs are shown the final heat death of the universe and the futile movements of mankind among the stars. These illusions are reflected in their minds unless a successful save vs wands is made and they are banished back to the void. 
  10. The victims are shown their own place in the universe. There is  30% chance that an old one will notice them and forever after haunt them and hunt them. 

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