Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Post Apocalyptic Favorite Influences For Your Old School Mutant Future Game

With all things retro 70s science fiction here are three of my all time favorites for your Thursday morning. First up is Logan's Run with all of its Runner and Sand man weirdness. This movie is great for isolated one shots. 
Damnation Alley is just good old fashioned guilty pleasure fun and runs like a Swiss Cheese plot driven  weirdness of post apocalyptic goodness. This is a great set up for a cross country tour of your favorite post apocalyptic world. I've used this same plot countless times to introduce a campaign world and no one's caught on yet. 
 The final product in the post apocalyptic is one from 1974 called Planet Earth. A Gene Roddenberry effort this was one of his unsold pilots from the so called PAX trilogy. This is perhaps one of the best of the three. 
The Space 1970 blog has an excellent overview of the entire Pax Trilogy and all of them are available on DVD. If you want to know more Just take a look right over Here

The mutant Kreegs from the Planet Earth movie have made appearances in a few Gamma World Games and some other Mutant Future games. Here's a sample of this mutant race from the mind of Roddenberry. Anyhow this is just a quick and dirty look over of a few of the post apocalyptic goodness. I'll be taking a much closer look at the PaX trilogy and its Star Trek and Logan Run roots over the weekend. If  we all survive the Aztec Apocalypse! 


  1. Great all-but-forgotten inspirations there. I got the Planet Earth series on print on demand DVD from Warner Bros. Good stuff!

  2. I love Planet Earth, John Saxton is a great Federation style captain in that one. Out of the Pax series that came up I think its one of the best. I'll actually be covering it for tomorrow's Aztec Apocalypse. Thanks for the comment Trey. There's more coming up my friend.


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