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1d20 Random Powers Of The Blood Basin Of R'othazortul

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 The Blood Basin of R'othazortul travels throughout time and space. The object is of unknown origin but travels the planes of existence for good or ill. The thing will bestow a random ability if it is offered fresh flesh and blood. The thing exists with a very malignant intelligence and its cranky as well. Should it be offered a few drops of the user's blood the effects will last 1d4 hours. A pint might be a week or more. A pound of flesh and the hellish thing might make the power permanent.

 Then again there is a 60% chance that the artifact may not be in the mood. It confers its moods telepathically to those around it. The eyes glow with a bale fire greenish glow when it accepts a sacrifice.  Those who displease the artifact will receive a gout of yellow golden fire of the lowest hells that does 1d4 points of damage per round. The fires will slowly inch by inch cook the flesh from the bones of those it hits. The burns may only be healed by magic or psychic means.

1d20 Random Powers Of The Blood Basin Of R'othazortul
  1. The basin increases each attribute for one hour by 1d4 points. The user's eyes glow red while under these effects 
  2. The user is able to hear the language of birds and speak in the tongues of serpents for 1d3 hours 
  3. The user can hear and see the movement of wind and the colours of hidden things. 
  4. The user lusts for the blood of the living and his flesh crawls with the sleep of undeath for 1d4 days. There is a 60% of him becoming a mindless thing of hell. 
  5. The user is blessed with 1d4 random mutations. These will reflect the inner being of the victim
  6. The user becomes a vessel for a berserk spirit. The thing lusts for all the flesh of the living around it. 
  7. The user becomes a vessel for a spirit of light from beyond the nearest star and will leave Earth for that place. Make a new character 
  8. The user will begin to recite the poems of the dead in the voice of tombs. Those who record these voices will gain a beginning necromancer's insights into the greater beyond
  9. The user can see and hear the winds and colour between the stars themselves. They must make a wisdom check or go insane temporarily with this burden of sanity 
  10. The user gains a spirit or guardian angel of death itself that will claim his victims personally. The fool gains a train of ghosts who will follow and mock him for eternity 
  11. The user gains 1d4 random psychic powers at the cost of one of his scents 
  12. The user is controlled by a spirit from another plane at the start of each new moon and only the kiss from a blind princess who loves him will free him. 
  13. The user is nothing but a vessel for a being from another world who will control his actions remotely with powerful magic. The user will gain randomly 1d4 powers beyond the pale of man for 1d3 minutes at a clip 
  14. The user can see and hear the dead as they mutter curses at the living around them. The user may commune with the dead at the cost of a single die point of damage for each question asked but the dead love to talk to him 
  15. The user becomes a ghost for 1d8 hours at a time and then randomly will become living again. There is a 40% chances of demons seeking the fool out to return him to the world of the dead 
  16. The fool gains 1d4 random instabilities within his mind. There is a 20% chance each lunar cycle of another being assuming control of his body. The user will gain knowledge to repair energy weapons or to built one. There will be a complete and all consuming passion to do so. 
  17. The user becomes a willing vessel for a demon from the Outer Darkness who will try to start his or her own cult based around themselves. 
  18. The user becomes a murderer and a psychopathic version of themselves but they are devilishly clever. Able to heal almost any wound that they lay hands on. The monster will still try to kill anyone that crosses their path unless they make a wisdom check each full moon. 
  19. The user will gain 1d4 random psychic powers at the cost of their fertility and sex. The psychic becomes nothing more then a vessel for this power and glows with an inner light of the mind. 
  20. The user becomes a vessel for a higher purpose determined by the DM. This isn't the character though but a mirror image come to life that will do good in the characters name. Those whom he helps will seek the character out to do even greater deeds.
    Once the vessel is done it will randomly depart for another dimensional location and continue its choatic and disturbing mission of spreading grief and misery. This is an artifact with all of the minor powers and such as per Osric or The AD&D first edition  Dungeon Master's  guide. 


  1. This is excellent and is a welcome addition to my Crypts and Things game


  2. I'm glad you like it Thunderstone! There's more Crypts and Things action coming up as well.


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