Thursday, December 20, 2012

Highywaymen Stars Without Number Rpg Actual Play Out of The Toybox

Apex Medical Battle Pyramids which are part of the recovered serpent men hoard that megacompany has refitted with spike drives. 

Tonight's game was brought full circle by the players. The PC back tracked upon the station that was falling apart  around their ears. As I said the last time I was using a bit of Rifts Manhunter with this game. Tonight I was brought back full circle to when I started this campaign.
 The players got themselves a brand new M83 Freighter but wanted to explore this weird toy box as they called it. 

The former star ship yard was mostly used as storage for the various hauls that Apex employed space pirates had gotten. There were various terraforming equipment still within storage crates and various robots still being powered but now used in packing foam. Things were weird. They kept expecting something to come out at them at anytime.

From various beams and such were several shuttles refitted with long range spike drives and sub-light engines.  The party went about its business as the rest of the relic/station was on high alert from the last time we played. 

 For months I've been using various Star Trek/Space 1999/70s style ships to really present the 70s era style of  Science Fantasy action. Tonight  I settled on the Daedalus class of refitted star ship for Apex to send to the evacuation of the station. The players freaked! Seriously they got the hell out of there. The version of the Daedalus is based on the ones seen at and so confirm to their specs.

 Credited to the original artist Andrew Hall and used without permission.
 You can find out about this version of the Daedalus class right over Here

The players grabbed everything that wasn't nailed down and accidently activated several security robots and had to fight their way back as the place was breaking up around their ears.
Then they had to sneak past the Apex ships. After some fast foot work and dice rolls it was lets get back over to the hyperspace ways.

Players really freaked when the first of the battle pyramids began to show on their galactic radar. The things were massive and began to radio in to start expecting wounded and patients. The players started going through their notes looking for a safe haven. They dredged up location after location and nothing was safe for them.
 They remembered Allard Electronics the firm who built the cybernetics of one of the NPCs and the rivalry between Allard and Apex.

So began the 4 week (game time) trek to the Allard controlled worlds. They have bounty hunters, pirates, and scum of the Talon sector still on their tale. But they have a bunch of terraforming equipment to sell and a brand new world to being to explore another pirate haven just waiting at the end of the journey.

Allard Electronics was taken from Storm Haven a game pack from the 80s for Mercenaries, Spies, And Private Eyes. All Star Ships are the property of the artists and paramount pictures. No copyright infringement or trade mark piracy is intended. 


  1. I really like the Space Pyramids. That's a great image. I also really like how you used them in the game--you gave your players quite a scare from the sounds of things. Fun stuff!

  2. Glad you like the "Space Pyramids". Basically, these are one of the Apexes of the "Apex Medical" mega corporate scheme of things. Its been a great game so far. So we've got more surprises in store coming up. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I have no idea where the image comes from or who the original artist is. I found it in a tumbler. So all credit to them.


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