Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Amazing 1d30 Random Data Treasure Table For Your Old School Space Opera

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1d30 Random Data Treasure Table 
  1. A full set of data crystals containing 1d4 fragments of alien data. An ancient computer virus waiting to spring on someone 
  2. 1d4 diskettes containing fragments of  Necronomicon information on them 
  3. 1d3 computer tapes with planetary energy weapons on them 
  4. 1d6 computer lenses containing 1d8 second level spells on them
  5. Isoliniear chips completely corrupted 
  6. 2 160 ton data storage units with the number 42 written two hundred times over & over again a million times 
  7. 1d4 psychic crystals with a planar demon divided among them. Harmless at the moment 
  8. A full set of android brains 1d4 psychic powers and their chaotic as well as mad 
  9. Trans dimensional computer with thousands of blinking lights & a god complex. May grant a wish or try to kill anyone it runs across. 1d8 psychic powers 
  10. Full VR & cyber suite. 1d8 A.I. minds in storage. A.I.'s are alien & very confused at the moment 
  11. A holo laser system with an alien historical fantasy still running. The thing will turn on as soon as the PC's enter. 
  12. 1d3 psychic soul crystals containing the essence of a destroyed planet. The souls will try to possess whomever picks this crystal up. Save vs death or become the vessel of doom 
  13. 1d4 crystallized human brains full of the downloaded minds of primitive humans. They're still experiencing Earth millions of years ago. 
  14. Ancient psychic matrix containing 1d4 psychic powers usable by anyone. 
  15. Data slices on metal belonging to the Krell. 50% of a Krell mind with 1d4 psychic abilities still being within. 
  16. A giant psychic computer able to cast its cosmic power across two light years or more. 
  17. A robot head that has the plans for a massive battle station. Chaotic & very hostile 
  18. A preserved head of a human psychic who knows 1d4 galactic secrets. A vile & corrupt cyborg if ever there was one. 
  19. The ancient computer core of the missing Intergalactic ship Event Horizon 
  20. Bio Chip Brain system - Made from the brains of former galactic leaders 
  21. Magnetic drum storage system containing 1d4 lost star charts to unknown hyper space routes. Hundreds of years old 
  22. Information reactor containing corporate secrets & the formula to a dimensional drive. Still guarded by a data demon of the 8th power with a nasty disposition 
  23. Humanoid head pickled with crown - Chaotic A.I. with the psychic power domination. Will try to possess the user.
  24. Memory slides containing 1d4 military secrets including invasion plans for Earth 2 million years old 
  25. Preserved cyborg corpse of a mini alien holding a data chip containing 24 star charts & unknown trade routes 
  26. Fighter memory banks containing the raw data for thousands of battles the A.I. saw. Lawful but resentful 
  27. Full wall computer system with thousands of blinking lights. The computer is capable of converting matter to energy and so forth. Will create 1d4 random treasures but demand the sacrifice of one PC in return. A.I. is demonic & wily 
  28. Flying Saucer Memory case with 1d4 A.I. personalities. These souls are a dangerous collective Grey intelligence just waiting for the chance to cause misery. 
  29. Main Nav Systems from a galactic hauler 
  30. The memory banks from the Warden or at least a version of the ship 

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. 
Isaac Asimov 

Condition & Value 1d10 

  1. That's nothing but useless trash. I'll give you a thousand credits so we both feel like winners 
  2. That's perfect! Where did you get that? 4000 credits because I like your face & you'll come back to me won't you 
  3. That's a piece of garbage. I'll take 200 credits to dispose of that for ya. 
  4. Get that piece of unholy vileness away from here or I'm calling the cops 
  5. That's the type of thing that I need. Two thousand credits & we've got a deal 
  6. What the hell is that I'm going to have to go the books for that one. Here's three hundred credits & we'll both feel good about it. 
  7. That's in great shape. Max book value five thousand credits 
  8. Here's a thousand credits & we all go home like winners 
  9. I don't need that piece but I know a guy about twenty five light years from here whose looking for just such a piece 
  10. Do you even know what you've got? That piece will reign destruction on your ship. Take the ten thousand credits you'll need it 


  1. Good stuff! I think number 8 might be more a curse than a treasure.

  2. Glad you liked it Trey! And number 8 is actually from an old campaign of mine. They were still out in play after ten years so on the list they go. Sort of got misplaced!


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