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Outpost 632 - Legacy Of The Krell

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Dr. Edward Morbius: In times long past, this planet was the home of a mighty, noble race of beings who called themselves the Krell. Ethically and technologically they were a million years ahead of humankind, for in unlocking the meaning of nature they had conquered even their baser selves, and when in the course of eons they had abolished sickness and insanity, crime and all injustice, they turned, still in high benevolence, upwards towards space. Then, having reached the heights, this all-but-divine race disappeared in a single night, and nothing was preserved above ground. 

Outpost 632

This world is a forbidden world to all in coming traffic off the normal galactic grid. The world seems like a vacation spot but hidden below the surface of this beautiful world is a deadly secret. This was once a world of the Krell. A hollowed out structure of death and destruction given form. The vast underground vaults have not been plumbed nor its secrets ever been scratched.
 The surface of this world is a death trap and it springs without warning.
The Nano Sentries still guard the secrets of the Krell and the weather patterns themselves seemly will turn on those who trespass here.
Here are stored the Event Horizon weapons of the Krell and the very place seems to hum with the machines that still await masters who will never return in two thousand centuries

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Psychics and psy navigators who cross the area have massive nightmares about the place and blood drenched visions of the horrors of the Krell. Time itself seems to slow down around the world. But the promise of riches beyond compare still draws the desperate and foolish every couple of years.
 Those who get to close to certain planets with the 632 system are attacked by a 15 hit dice solar flare/fire elemental monster. The thing attacks with a 1d10 tendril of solar fire that cleanses everything and leaves nothing behind. 
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 The effects of the Krell solar worm weaponry is well known and excluded under forty five treaties of the Galactic Peace Accords. But still there are those who would profit from the death and destruction of others. The Zuth'ro are one such race that mines planets even inhabited ones using this weaponry. They pay millions of credits for such intact artifacts even if the artifacts themselves pray to the Outer Darkness in hymns of madness. 
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 Of the Vaults of Gogg-hora and the thousands of other nameless holes of horror that lay beneath the ground of Out post 632. There have only been three scientific studies in the last thirty -two years. One one made it back alive if somewhat insane. The whole place is patrolled by ID beasts and Nano weapons.File:Nettle cave.jpg
The Oupost is under sealed indict and  hyper space drone ships patrol the outer systems regularly.  Destroying whatever or whomever they find. Still there are adventurers who will try to probe the depths of this world of horror and insanity.

Artifacts of Outpost 632 
  1. Sphere of Arrogoh - This sphere allows the user to peer through time and space for 1d4 hours. The user may learn secrets and dangerous things. The sphere however will suck 1d6 years from the user's life. Unless save vs death is made each time the thing is used. 
  2. The Vows of Hagu - This book of silver gold plates shows the user the map of their souls but each time its read or a character is moved on the device. The user is changed and continues to in very odd and weird ways 
  3. The Objects of Soaga - This set of strange plastic pieces allows the user to manipulate matter and the atomic struct of objects but they become a part of those objects as well. 
  4. The Verses of Astrovelcu - This metal book relates the rise of the Krell but not their fall. The book will begin adding 1d4 points of intelligence and wisdom every other round unless a save vs wands is made. The user's head will explode in 10 rounds unless they stop reading which they don't want to. 
  5. The Temptations of Z'nahlu - This device will change the user's shape to anything.Anything at all. Getting back to his or her's original form is another matter the device is partially broken. 
  6. The Visions of Hothaboth - The user's mind and vision will expand without limit. They gain the psy navigator skill and all that goes with it.

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