Friday, December 7, 2012

Marvel 2001 Comic Book, Stars Without Number, And The Highway Men Campaign - Meeting With Rama Blues

 After a three week hiatus from my Stars Without Number's game thinks are back on track with my players. One of whom has been working lots of hours(which he'll take whenever he can get in this economy). So I've waited in the meantime last night I unleashed some of what I've come up with on the PCs. The party is aboard a Rama style spacecraft/station that Apex Medical (Making A Better Future For All Man Kind). They've explored the ruined docking/spacecraft facility and have penetrated into the inner skin of the craft.   The aesthetic of the place is akin to Event Horizon meets Marvel 2001 . 
The party explored various rooms and began their descent into the science wing of the engineering facility 
 Abandon apartments and various facilities greeted them. 

 They found the lab spaces and the Bruce 9012 unit A.I. which controlled the facility. One of the PCs almost bought in the labs as various systems came on line "mysteriously" Then there were the engineering androids that kept the party busy. They were SWN standard androids but man the party had fun busting heads and getting into full combat with the bastards as they opened up with blasters.
 Engineering Android - Standard Apex Medical Facility Issue
Created By The Delos Corporation Under Contract To Apex
 Armor Class : 7
 Hit Dice 1/2 (4HP)
Attack Bonus +1
Number Appearing 1d4 

Saving Throw 15 +
Move 30' 
Morale 12 
Skill Bonus +1

 A group of Apex Engineering Androids Waiting to "Help" some PCs 
The Bruce 9012 unit tried a couple of times to "murder" the party. Opening various labs, an air lock or two, then trapping them in a lab with a menace straight out of the Deviant Database. The PZZttt made an appearance last night as an alien menace of the week freaking one of the NPCs a cyborg who simply ran away. Leaving the PCs up to their necks.

 The PCs hated the PFrzt  as it danced around one of the labs. They fired on it, danced with it, and finally laser wielded the lab where it was shut!
 The monster was less then amused as the PCs hurried away from the lab as destruction reigned in the place! They wandered into disection rooms for psychics and then it was verging on 1:00 am! 

Highway Men Redux Notes This game was important to me and my players it proved to me that I can covert the various Goblinoid game products over to Stars Without Numbers and use them effectively within the confines of "original" material. The Pfrzt was the perfect alien menace for a mid level game. You can find all of Sniderman's original monsters in the Deviant Database and the cool entry on this menace over Here

 They have no idea of the fresh side of hell that their headed into. Wheels within Wheels here. To  be continued ! These guys are waiting up ahead for the PCs 

 Next up The Nightlands, The Inner Earth, And The Mucoid Menace!

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