Saturday, December 8, 2012

1d10 Random Robbie The Robot Table For Your Old School Space Opera Rpg

 1d10 Random Robbie The Robot Table 
  1. Robbie Model Q247 - This robot has seen a lot of action the unit is in a state of disrepair and needs several replacement parts. The unit is able tell tales of its adventures,owners, and the location of a hidden mad scientist's base. The unit is very loyal, and still obeys its internal laws 
  2. Robot model 4010 - This unit is completely alien having been worked over by a number of Lovecraftian entities. It no longer obeys the three internal laws. Very dangerous unit. 
  3. Robbie 345zx - This unit has been programmed as a marriage counselor  relation ship couch, and life counselor. This Robbie is about as compassionate, loyal, and trust worthy as it gets. It holds the secrets to many galactic statesmen's lives, loves, and liaisons. This one knows where all the skeletons are buried. 
  4.  Unit 345 - This unit served as a test bed for a mad scientists weapon collection but still obeys all three laws of  robotics. The unit will not harm any sentient but personal property is another matter. Has been employed as a one robot wrecking crew. The unit has a knowledge of hidden relics, treasures, and rare objects hidden may be bribed with oil. 
  5. Robbie Unit K-tel - This Robbie has been programmed as an master of ceremonies, and DJ knowing all of the latest galactic hits. The unit is also an information broker selling all of the famous gossip, trysts  and info to the highest bidder while obeying its laws and spinning the latest hits. 
  6. Robbie Unit 552 - This unit is a teacher of galactic navigation, hyper space theory, and a fully lisenced pilot in its own right. The unit will be happy to help with nav. charts, and the like . The unit has a hobby in finding and identifying hidden or strange galactic phenomena. The unit does not adventure but is a valuable contact for PCs. 
  7. Robbie Unit 16 Baker - This unit is a grizzled crime solving detective that has been solving crimes and cases for hundreds of years. The unit is looking for a new human partner and often is found in the lowest dives of galactic scum and villainy. It is unknown if its programmed three laws still apply. The unit uses logic and reason to explain away the blood around it.  
  8. Robby Unit 9030 - This unit is big name galactic movie director and producer with over 9 million hits to its credit. The unit has the Midas touch but has fallen on hard times and its looking for a party to tag around with an canonical their adventures for its comeback 
  9. Robbie 666 -This unit has seen a lot of action and has several Lovcraftian tomes loaded in its memory banks. The unit wants contemplate the universe's greatest secrets but has one of its own. Resting within its circuits is a planar demon type # 34 which has a murderous streak. The unit will cast spells, cause mayhem, and not remember anything. The unit loves to be consulted for lore though and will drone on endlessly about the secrets of the universe. 
  10. Robbie The Robot - A brand new Robbie which has never seen any action at all. This unit needs a new servo hook up and power supply. 4 thousand credits and its a bargain at that price. Highly collectible

     Notes that the standard Robbie Unit has all of the gadgets from the film Forbidden Planet . The nano/chemical assembly factory is capable of turning out 1d4 different potions, substances, etc per day. The unit also has the strength of a storm giant and may speak 9 million languages or more.
    The vehicle attachment is capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph and the unit has an expert level skill check when handling it. Gaining +3 on all checks. These units may operate on a small radium/lithium "Forever Battery" for 60 years or more.
    Many Robbie units develop individual quirks or personality flaws which they will hide barring memory wipe. These units are outgoing, friendly, and very, very loyal.
    All robot units have the stats for a light engineering bot or may be customized for additional capabilities. 

     Robbie, Forbidden Planet, and all references to such property are the trademark and property of their copyright holders. The various units are my creation and are distributed under the Creative Common license. Dark Corner Productions @ 2012 


  1. This is great stuff! Each one is a series of adventures just waiting to happen. Very cool!

  2. Glad you liked it my friend. I also enjoyed the macabre debris table on yours as well. We've got more coming up. I tried to do something original with good old Robbie. He's been a staple in my life for a very long time. Glad you liked it. More action coming up


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