Sunday, December 2, 2012

1d20 Random Pulp Space Finds For your Old School Space Opera

1d20 Random Pulp Space Finds Table 
  1. The preserved brain of a martian still retains 1d4 psychic powers. There is a 40% of it trying to take over the user's mind. 
  2. Zartainoid Dream Crystal 1d4 charges enables the user to see into the dreams of aliens & evil gods. Wisdom check or go insane for 1d4 hours every time its used. 
  3. News paper from an alternative dimension, the user reading it is the worst villain in history. There are 1d4 troops coming to take you to prison for their own good. 
  4. Flight computer bank from a drone space fighter there are 1d4 top secret star charts stored in its memory banks 
  5. 1d4 charges for an alien medi kit and a warning pamphlet about a plague. Does your PC feel alright please make a save vs poison or disease now
  6. A weird engine like device that will allow you too see 1d4 minutes into the future but ages you by the same token in years unless a constitution check is made with use 
  7. A clawed hand from a giant robot holding something very tightly within it's fist 
  8. A vial of mutant juice 1d4 doses of the stuff. Please make a save vs poison if drunk 
  9. A brass vial containing the planar essence of demonic life form. The thing will telepathically bargain with the first person picking it up. Actually a pit fiend of Lovecraftian aspect 
  10. A complete work of Shakespeare written within the covers of an old fashioned book actually a very, very advanced AI named Shakespeare with an agenda 
  11.  A strange glowing sphere that will tell the history of the universe. A cosmic artifact that is actually broken the owners will be coming for it soon. The intelligence within will bargain for passage to another dimension. 
  12. A demonic contract with an odd escape clause. Looks like your the new owner/soul for this one. 
  13. The preserved brain of a politician who tells nothing but lies. Actually worthless & completely cowardly. Considered a snack by some alien cultures 
  14. A warp drive mini system- From a very advanced fighter worth a couple of thousand credits to the right collector 
  15. The Dagger of Asheris - A dagger able to carve dimensional planar doors but not people or objects. Never opens the same door twice 
  16. The right hand of Gath - This is one of the many digits of Gath able to grant the user 1d4 psychic powers randomly each day. Gath or its followers will soon coming looking for the PC who owns it 
  17. The book of planar knowledge - No one knows who the author originally is but each owner will begin writing about their plane and won't stop until the book is filled with their impressions unless a save vs wands is made. Once filled with knowledge the book disappears never to be seen again unless the entity known as The Editor appears in which the user disappears never to be seen again.
  18.  A Map of All - This map shows all of the hidden dimensional door ways in the multiverse but only the ones that are 2 inches tall 
  19. The Slide To The Right - An alien measuring device that measures in 19 dimensions. Even as your using it something else is as well. A 30% of the thing appearing out of the corner of your eye as you use it. What is that horrid thing could it be you in another dimension? Is it mirror you. The horror is all. 
  20. A fragment from the armor of Galactus - Just a fragment. What's the worst that can happen? DM's choose. 


  1. "A fragment from the armor of Galactus - Just a fragment."

    It has to be the big "G". That would explain why he isn't drawn with it anymore.

  2. Yeah it possibly would explain quite a bit about it as well. What possible powers might it have Tom? Who knows what weird abilities might it be imbued with! There's more to come! Thanks for the comment!


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