Friday, December 14, 2012

New Kickstarter - A Gallery Of Rogues

This sounds like an interesting and intriquing book for any old school OSR game. My buddy Jim Pinto is doing this one. Read on for some pretty cool sounding ideas. Kickstarter has been kicking OSR ass putting out some very interesting projects that might never see the light of day. This sounds really nice you can visit the kickstarter right over HERE
A Gallery of Rogues is a fantasy sourcebook of criminals and thieves working within a thieves guild that has been operating for years. The guild maintains a wide array of members, including at least one wizard and a few politicians — to keep things orderly and all that.
What makes this project unique, in addition to the levels the contributors can have within the guild itself, is that the size of the project actually grows. With each contribution (and with near-daily updates on where the project stands), the book may actually get bigger. The guild starts with 20 characters, but more members are added to the book, based on both milestones and contributor levels. Eventually, as many as 100 more characters can be added to the book.
The Guild
The guild is more than just a collection of NPCs. It's a complex network of interlocking relationships. Each character has something to offer players, the other NPCs, and the gamemaster's campaign. With detailed histories, ambitions, goals, and relationships, A Gallery of Rogues is a rich tapestry of characters.
The Art
Eric Lofgren is a long-term figure in the gaming industry and all the artwork inside the book will be done in Eric's patented black and white style.
The Scope
The sourcebook also include a history and overview of the guild, including their spheres of influence in the fictional city it is set in. Each character in the book will have game information for old and new editions of the world's favorite fantasy RPG, including Pathfinder, but not 4th.

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