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1d20 Random Alien Remains And Powers Table - For Your Old School Space Opera

1d20 Random Alien Remains And Powers Table

  1.  The Skull of Angilurc- Grey Skull Highly psychic has  1d4 psychic abilities per day  and comes from Carcosa. Also cursed item and the skull's former owner was a priest of the old ones. 
  2. The Remains of Arolurinima- A klingon skeleton that is still a 2nd level fighter. Was originally a 10th level but being dead has degraded his abilities somewhat. Will reanimate for 1d6 rounds. 
  3. The Legs of Barori- The carpace of this insectoid is able to confer the abilities of a telepath for 1d8 days as long as the carpace is held. Considered a holy relic by the followers of Barori. They are still searching for them. 
  4. The Baualath- This skull of an alien warlord will try to posess anyone picking it up. The possessed will try to contact the Baulath and begin their thousand year reign once again. 
  5. The Dread Bavaegbaroth- This crisom thigh or leg bone is the remains of an alien lich able to confer wonderous powers upon the owner. As long as they carry it. Will grant a wish as long as they are carrying it. The thing weights 4 tons and is cursed. The remains will cause spontanious human conbusion in any human handling it. The item has been lost for 10,000 years
  6. The Corpse of Cabavangur- This ancient mummy will act as an adviser to those who awaken him. The monster has the powers of a 4th level wizard and is well versed in galactic politics.  Very,very, well verse. 
  7. The Chameturcha - These are the cutest decicated remains ever seen. The monsters will act as undead pets for 1d4 days then strike as 3 hit point, 7 armor class, 1d4 damage per strike level draining monsters. They're husks may be used to create 1d6 healing potions. 
  8. The Golden Remains Of Egbaia- These beings bodies are created entirely from gold. They were almost hunted to extinction by a race of humanoid cyborgs. The remains are +2 to an attempt to attack such beings. Also worth 1.4 thousand galactic standard credits because of their purity. 
  9. The Powder of The Ethabako- A psychic resource for these extinct people containing all of their power, culture, art, etc. The user may become a Follower of  The Ethabako and able to act as a 3rd level scribe of these forgotten people. This will vanish the moment the dust of the Ethabako is dropped. 
  10. The Eyes of The Gori- The user is able to see into the higher dimensions when holding these eyes. The Gori had thousands of them. The user may also have access into forgotten psychic super science powers as well. DM discresion. 
  11. THe Hands of Haglanitunaz- These hands belonged to an alien god 3 million years ago. Those who hold the remains are able to psychically heal wounds as per the cure light wounds spell. The wounds will appear on the user cosmetically and symbolically for 1d4 rounds after the healing. 
  12. The Cask of Himil- The 3 inch tall casks are all that remains of this 3 billion year old insect people. Each cask has 2d6 psychic powers that will be accessable for 1d4 rounds each time the cask is held. The user will bleed from his eyes each time he accessses these powers and be at -3 for all skill related checks for 1d6 rounds after using the cask. Each cask has a shelf life of 1d3 weeks once a user begins using these powers. 
  13. The Hmethmoturind - These are the sandstone like remains of the mighty giants known as the Hmethmoturind who sang the praises of life and love for 340 days each. Each time the remains are picked up the user is cursed to sing them continually. The user however has access to 4 million years worth of knowledge which will increase his wisdom score by 4 points of drive his ape brain mad with the knowledge unless a save vs wands is made. 
  14. The power of The Kobam- These finger like tentacles each contain 1d4 spells. They must be used within 3 rounds or the tentacle will explode for 1d4 points of damage. Each tentacle is actually the brain of the Kobam itself. 
  15. The Memories of Lrongila- These are actually the memories of the Lrongila sliced from their dead brain tissue. The user must burn the tissue to access the knowledge and suck up the fumes. The user's intelligence increases by 3 points temporarily but if the user does this more then once per day they will become a flesh eating Lrongila clone instead! Four uses be find only. 
  16. The Rchmetha- These are the dead and dried tissues of the Rchmetha which if consumed will heal 1d4 points of damage. The entire remains must be consumed. The Rchmetha were 4 foot tall. One use per corpse. 
  17. The Dust of Rthela- This dust is found in a furneral sack and will reveal any hidden dimensional or planar doors within 50 yards of the application. Consuming this dust will temporarily drive the user made for 1d4 rounds but the user will gain valuable insight into the nature of dimensional travel. 
  18. The Warriors of Tulalrna- These 123 limbed dead warriors will reanimate as skeletons and will act as 3rd level warriors for the user. They are well versed in using energy weapons. They must consume fresh blood within 1d4 days after activation or return to the sleepless oblivion from whenence they came. 
  19. The Mummies of Vagurchaugu- A small 4 foot tall mummy from Carcosa able to teach some of the magic of his people. The mummy is telepathic and may 40% try to take control of the user unless a save vs death is made. 
  20. Vaimol- These reality bending power made psychopaths have been sealed in undeath. Do you dare awaken them? They have no powers or any the DM sees fit to use. 


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