Wednesday, December 26, 2012

RIP Gerry Anderson Creator of Thunderbirds,UFO, And Space 1999

RIP Gerry Anderson

Sigh. Very sad indeed. There goes another little piece of my childhood. I used to watch the series on Saturday morning cable out of NY city back in the late 70s.
 According to the BBC : 

He also created Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and his puppet superheroes fired the imaginations of millions of young viewers in the 1960s and '70s.
Thunderbirds, a science-fiction fantasy about a daring space rescue squad, ran from 1965 and was his most famous show.
Anderson had suffered from Alzheimer's since 2010 and the disease had worsened in recent months, his son Jamie said.
Jamie Anderson announced the news on his website, saying his father died peacefully in his sleep at noon on Wednesday.
"Gerry was diagnosed with mixed dementia two years ago and his condition worsened quite dramatically over the past six months," he wrote.

Start Quote

For men of my age, his work made childhood an incredible place to be”
Jonathan Ross
Gerry Anderson talked about the onset of the disease in June 2012.
Speaking on BBC Berkshire he said: "I don't think I realised at all. It was my wife Mary who began to notice that I would do something quite daft like putting the kettle in the sink and waiting for it to boil."
His other creations included UFO, Space: 1999, Supercar and Fireball XL5.
Actor Brian Blessed, who worked with Anderson on shows including The Day After Tomorrow and Space 1999, told BBC News: "I think a light has gone out in the universe.
"He had a great sense of humour. He wasn't childish but child-like and he had a tremendous love of the universe and astronomy and scientists.
"He got their latest theories, which he would expand on. He was always galvanised and full of energy." "
Full Story right over HERE
UFO was by far my favorite and the Page 4 models in purple wigs helped to get me revved up for anime much later. Show was so good and such a solid influence with its tech,women, and ships. 

 Thunderbirds was/is one of the best things to come out of the UK for Saturday mornings
 Very Sad today. A major influence is gone but never ever forgotten.

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