Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Ephakeph - The Lost Navigators - A New Monster For Your Old School Space Opera


Encountered between the great bodies of interstellar space are those psychics have used every last reserve of the energies of their minds to delve into the hidden and forbidden spaces between the dead stars of this universe. These beings are creatures who have traded in the most dangerous energies of the human mind and beyond. The  Ephakeph or The Lost Navigators are humans and near humans who have taken that step into something more and less then what they once were. They have many of the characteristics of undead but also something far more bizarre. These creatures are partially dedicated flesh and energies not found within the local space time sphere. The energies that they have called up have corrupted both their third eye and their very ties to this universe.
These monsters watch the universi through lidless eye sockets and the senses of the Outer Darkness. They are often found aboard space wrecks and vintage space craft waiting to be found by foolish adventurers and salvage hunters.
The monsters attack with the coldness of the negative material plane and a grip like iron itself. These beings strike for 1d4 points damage and then grapple with their targets.They will choke the life from their target slowly feeding upon the blood, organs, and hit points.  They may make a claw attack for 1d6 points of damage as the  negative planar energies rip through their targets unless a save vs wands is made.
The most feared of these creatures will use a level drain attack but this variety of the monsters are very rare and are often alien high priests.  The logs and chart books of these monsters are highly valuable for the various hidden and lost dimensions these monsters often visit 

The Ephakeph - The Lost Navigators
Type : Undead Hybrid 
Armor :3(16) 
Hit Dice 2 or 6+4 when fed 
Attacks: Normal Claw 1d4 
Negative Planar Attack: 1d6*  *plus level drain for some species 
By Weapon 
Saving throw: 11
Challenge Level/XP : 7/600
Treasure Type: C according to Carcosa rules 

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