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The Optimum And Terra Prime Factions For Stars Without Number

Colonel Phillip Green was a major historical figure in the annals of Terran history and responsible for the deaths of countless millions of human beings. Green was part of a eugenics movement that slowly came to power during WW III  and Green was a leader of a major faction during the war; the group's actions directly led to 37 million deaths.Green killed hundreds of thousands of victims of radiation poisoning in order to prevent their future mutant offspring from contaminating the human genome. Despite Green's claims that the operation was "humanitarian," this eugenicist action was labeled as genocidal by future historians.Colonel Green.jpg
 Green as the leader of a 
Nazi-like organization called the Optimum Movement in the mid-21st century. In this, the Optimum slowly took power throughout the Western world, and was the ultimate cause of World War III.
Green was fond of turning against his own allies whenever it suited him, and that he tended to strike at his enemies in the midst of conducting treaty negotiations.

 The Optimum Way 
Green was fond of spouting his Optimum Way dogma that still to this day is used by the followers of this sad relic of history. 

"Overwhelm and devastate."
"We must reject the impure and cast it out."
"This is not a time for timidity and second guessing. We cannot afford to doubt ourselves."
"To be human is to be pure."
"I have no quarrel with you, any more than you have with me!" (Excalbian duplicate)
"Men don't talk peace unless they're ready to back it up with war." (Excalbian duplicate)
"History tends to exaggerate." (Excalbian duplicate)

The Optimum Movement advocated the human being to the optimum efficiency and genetic purity of the species. There was no room in the genome for any abnormality nor mutation. Mankind was the ultimate expression of this and only the strongest and fittest were destined to rule.
Mutation would not be tolerated. 
Terra Prime

"A new era is at hand...an era that will expose the concept of inter-species unity as an absolute and vicious lie. An era that will witness the advent of a human-centric consciousness that will place our world before all others. As of this moment mankind casts off the shackles of alien interference and now determines its own fate. Terra Prime...forever."
John Frederick Paxton2155

The direct descendants of The Optimum movement are the terrorists of Terra Prime which takes the xenophobic ideals of the first and applies them to alien/human relations. The movement gained ground in 2155 and continues to be a threat. They believe that Earth should be first in all of its dealings, relations, and business with all other intergalactic species. They are dedicated to the expulsion of all aliens from the Sol solar system and the return of Earth to the hands of its people. Namely themselves and their followers who can lead the Earth into a brighter more peaceful golden era of galactic politics.
 At its core both of these factions mirror the ideals of a standard eugenics cult with a higher military aspect. There have been several reports of clones of 
 Colonel Green involved in two separate terrorist bombings. 
John Paxton serving four consecutive life sentences details right over HERE
The Optimum And Terra Prime Factions 
Attributes: Forces 5 Cunning 5 Wealth 6 
Hit points 30 
Assets : Venture Capital/Wealth 6 Demagogue/Cunning 7 Laboratory Wealth 4 
Geningeered Slaves/Force 3

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