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Minor Globe of Rtegnehar - The Glorious Machinery Of Subspace For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

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Minor Globe of  Rtegnehar - The Glorious Machinery Of Subspace 

This minor globe of the Telekinetic forces is held together in a sub quantum matrix by the sheer power of a 4th level psychic. The creation allows the psychic to draw upon the telekinetic forces of the universe without using their own minds as a focus. This allows the psychic to draw their own mind's abilities for other esoteric challenges.
For Terminal Space 
 The globe may be accessed by the 2nd level spell Summon Minor Globe of  Rtegnehar. The magus reaches into the sub-quantum strata of subspace and pulls a bit of the stuff into the material universe allowing him to access the telekinesis psychic ability for 1d6 rounds. The ability will have the same temporary powers as a gifted psychic will all of its limitations. If cast more then three times in one day the magus must make a save vs wands or be stunned for a day. The sub quantum energies will cascade back upon the mage causing a telekinetic backlash.

Upon reaching 8th level of mastery of the indo magic/psychic discipline the magus may forge a sphere of his own. This means sacrificing a point of intelligence and wisdom permanently as his own mind acts as an anchor. These abilities are only learned at some of the most dangerous and alien worlds of the macroverse.

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For Stars Without Number
These pri tech items are found only among the wreck of certain pleasure and broken worlds. The psychic must burn a point permanently to create these items. They allow up to the forth telekinesis ability and are highly valuable. These sub-quantum machines allow non psychics to experience and use the telekinesis  ability up to the second level. 
Only the most dangerous alien worlds now lost among the stars have machinery to create such items. Much of the pretech machinery for the manufacture  for these items is now lost.

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 For Mutant Future And Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition
These items allow one to access the telekinesis ability and use it without limits. These items are often found within the hordes of alien liches and heinous war lords of the most vile type. They are still being manufactured on some lost post apocalyptic worlds 


  1. "This minor globe of the Telekinetic forces is held together in a sub quantum matrix by the sheer power of a 4th level psychic."

    This makes me wonder what the subatomic particle responsible for telekinetic energy is: the telekinon, maybe?

  2. If I've got you wondering that then I've succeed in entertaining and get you into the world of my campaign! The sub atomic particle responsible for telekinetic energy might well be the telekinon and if you look there's a brand new psiri tech item. Thanks for the comment and idea! ;-) My players aren't going to be so happy about this.


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