Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1d10 Random Things Left Behind After The Giant Monster Attack

 1d10 Random Monster Debris Table 
  1. The radioactive scales of an incredible mutant reptile  There are incredible regenerative abilities inherint in these scales. The tissues  are reforming right before your eyes. Might be worth a fortune to the right buyer or scientist. 
  2. Giant Hairs From A Mutant Insect - These hairs contain an intensity level 5 contact poison. Save or die right here. There is also a 75% chance that the scent of these might attract a 4 hit point parasite to the owner. Capabilities vary greatly 
  3. A Coupound Eye From A Giant Spider ~ This puzzle could be used to heal the eyes of the blind or for a bio cybernetic implant. Very useful for scientists 
  4. A Giant Claw that will cut steel like tissue paper. The claw is being sought by its original owner. The power of the monters resides within the claw itself. 
  5. Several giant cells from the back of one of these giants. The material is very radioactive and as such might be used to power every day household items. Simply plug right into the house. 
  6. The wing from a giant bat- These could be used to summon the mutant god of the bats that remain 
  7. Giant Wooly Mammoth Ivory Trunk _ This tusk is as long as a truck and could take a strange cast on to its surface. The tusk can be used to summon the psychic ghosts other Giant mutant Mammoths. Each is a 3 dice monster 
  8. A bit of Radioactive Material _ This royal jelly like  material and it is highly corrosive & dangerous. Alchemists though will pay top dollar for this slime. I could be used in the forging of an unholy magical weapon. There is a 3% chance of the stuff coming to life 
  9. A giant gauntlet belonging to interplanar god. This strange pink like glove can deliver a 1d4 blast of magic god fire to the target. The god will demand the glove back but make promises of riches beyond compare 
  10. The magic tome capable of sending its user on an un expect plane jumping journey. The god of the book will coming looking for it He will not take no for an answer about where the thing is.

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