Monday, December 31, 2012

The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers For Monster Monday

The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers
 These gene engineered alien vermin have been around since mankind first stepped into interstellar space. These 3 foot rat like creatures have been created to eat anything. They live aboard space craft feeding on low level electrical impulses 60% of the time in a semi torpor state.
The monsters become a hazard when entering the so called "Eater" phase of their life cycle. The creatures begin to sweat a low level corrosive paste capable of doing 1d4 points of damage to anyone handling the little beasts. Within 3 weeks they double the number of teeth that they have and begin looking for fresh organic meat and inorganic compounds. They're bio acid stomach furnaces can render anything down as fuel.
The bastards then create more of themselves by primitive budding and at least one 1d6 more of the beasts will be created within a 2 week cycle. Only a low frequency radio pulse will stop this from happening. Many ships employ radio pulse beacons to drive the beasts away. There appear to be several varieties of the Wrthar'ri who are actually attracted to them. Only a full spectrum radioactive bath may actually get rid of the little vermin. These baths are several hundred credits and many space stations offer this service for a nominal fee.
Many space stations have a 23 credit bounty on the little buggers. Many aliens actually raiser the things as bio part systems  for certain types of space board bio organic machinery. Many times they are looking for certain metagenic types of the creatures. Rewards for their capture vary. Please set sensors to the beta spectrum for sensing these rarer types
They may appear anywhere that space craft have crashed as well. 

The Wrthar'ri - The Space Scavengers
 Stars Without Numbers 
Armor Class 7 
Hit Dice 2 
Attack Bonus +2 
Damage: Bite 1d6 , Corrosive Life Cycle Juice 1d4  
No Appearing 1d6 
Movement 30'
Morale: 10 

 Swords And Wizardry 
Armor Class 9 (10)
Hit Dice: 2 
Damage Bite 1d6
Special :Corrosive Life Cycle Juice 1d4  
Move: 13 
HDE/XP: 2/30 


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