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1d10 Random Ancient Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places of mystery and wonder often found in the wastelands. Places that seem to transcend time and space to snare the unwary & stupid. Adventurers often fall prey to these places because of the lure of adventure, treasure, and mystery. Here then is a table of random wonder and weirdness simply waiting to claim those unlucky enough to find them. 
Photo by   Rainer Zenz
1d10 Random Ancient Adventure Locations Table 

  1. An ancient temple dedicated to a forgotten god whose ghosts come to claim sacrifices from those who visit its location. 1d20 ghosts of ancient warriors in archaic armor and armored with +2 weapons ride forth on nightmares and skeletal horses. 
  2. This oasis is home to the ruins of a once great temple to super science. The place is the home to weird earth elemental demons who seek the living for masters long dead. On certain nights mutant savages come to worship long dead goddesses. There are 1d20 ancient relics still buried here. 
  3. A series of burnt concentric circles marks the portal to another realm here. This place was the home to an ancient and noble race of aliens but they are long dead. A band of mutant pig things now makes their home among the stones here. Ancient energy crystals worth a fortune are buried here and a small temple dungeon mark this place's buried legacy.
  4. There is a set of ancient pylons that marks the spot where ancient Egyptians from Old Earth once visited this place. An ancient mummy haunts this place at night seeking victims so that it might return to its ancient home.There is speculation that this thing is actually an alien horror guarding some forgotten treasure or relic hoard worth several thousand gold pieces. 
  5. This temple complex houses 1d30 hook horrors under a curse of an ancient sorcerer whose ghost torments them each night. These fools were once explorers who trespassed here on the night of the high moons. The sorcerer possesses the means to summon 1d6 guardian warrior zombies if pressed. There is an ancient hoard of 1d4 minor magic items and a small cache of 1000 gold pieces. 
  6. This was once the resting place of a great king but is now the ruined remains of a mutant outpost. There are 1d10 mutants here in the small tower. They have access to ancient relic energy weapons and dangerous mutations. They guard a doorway to another dimension and await the return of their master, a wizard of dangerous aspect and power. 
  7. This fallen statue guards the entrance to an old Earth military bunker belonging to some ancient alien race. There are five levels to this place and it is haunted by the monstrous parasites of this forgotten race.At its center a demon capers and dances to the songs of the outer spheres. He will try to taunt any who happen upon him into releasing him. 
  8. This broken pile of rubble guards the entrance to an underground dungeon of a mad scientist whom the gods destroyed.His creations still slither and wander the darkness guarding his hoard of super science creations worth several a small king's ransom. The place however is under a curse. 
  9. This ancient pyramid belongs to a cult of Cthulhu who still use the deep underground grottoes and dungeons below the pyramid. The place is protected by mutants who share their mutations with their ancient and dread master.
  10. This funnel shaped hole in the ground marks the passage to a deep underground temple dedicated to Hades. Here strange horrors and ghosts worship their master with weird offerings. The place is ringed with treasures from across the wastes and deep below is a vast dungeon of horrors that lead to his realm. Ancient dog faced guardians watch over the place and snatch villagers from nearby communities for sacrifice to their dangerous and deadly master's living statue.
    Photo by Merlin-UK

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