Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review and Commentary On Creatures Of The Tropical Wastes By Chris Van Deleen For The Mutant Future Rpg System & Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are a few essential books out there for the Mutant Future rpg retroclone rpg system and Creatures Of The Tropical Wastes By Chris Van Deleen is one of them. This is a sixty two page package of wasteland construction from the additional rules and guidelines, to the mutant monsters, and a concise backdrop of tropical paradise weirdness thrown into the background. 


This book basically covers everything that a DM is going to need in the jungles of his alien wasteland from thirty new plant mutations to solid radiation and poison guidelines, they're all here and very well done in a slick as grease format. The mutant mayhem continues with fifty new creatures and some dangerous high weirdness that these monsters add to your games. Many of these horrors are drawn from Philippines myth and legends twisted into the Mutant Future background. This makes this a useful book not only for Mutant Future but Labyrinth Lord as well.
There's been a lot of time and care that went into this product, the art is evocative of the sort of adventure and mayhem that the author is trying to convey and does it with a slickness and style. This is a book that will get your fevered post apocalyptic dreams going in a way and direction that hearkens to fetid jungle wastelands. These are places filled to the brim with adventure and dark legends of mutant fueled mayhem.
This is the sort of book that tests and challenges a DM to construct adventures in lost worlds, hidden valleys, and places straight out of  post apocalyptic  myth and legend.
File:Pyramid of Papantla - p461.jpg
The writing here is tight and the ideas here are solidly done, easily used in your own campaign to drop straight into the backdrop of your own mutant future or old school post apocalyptic campaigns. This isn't a huge book at all but a book that allows one to take the material and run with it. 
This book is perfect for filling in some of the weirdness that PC's are likely to encounter in lost or prehistoric worlds as well. Much of the material here can be used to fill in background, plant mutations, monster variations, and all kinds of ideas to throw into your mutant dinosaur or lost world campaign as well for any old school game. 

All in all this is one of in my opinion the essential books for not simply Mutant Future but old school retroclone gaming in general. The ideas and ideals of the book can be applied across the board for adventure construction, campaign background and rules fill, and much more. Personally I rate this book a five out out five. 

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