Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1d10 Random Wasteland Mad Men & Super Scientist Contacts Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The are those mad souls out in the wastes who harbor hidden and forbidden knowledge, these souls are folks whom post apocalyptic society has dared to call 'mad', 'dangerous', 'insane', the vary minds that Satan himself has spawned! And they are often for hire or opportunities for adventure themselves!
Here then is a list of super scientists and madmen for your PC's to encounter!

There is always a 30% chance that when encountering these souls that they may be lost in though or tinkering with some strange or mysterious relic. They always seem to be thinking on a different plane of existence and some just might be doing exactly that. These beings can often act as hirelings.

1d10 Random Wasteland Super Scientists Contacts Table

  1. Braacka The Mad - This alchemist and wasteland mad man is constantly seeking relics and artifacts in a search for immortality. He employs adventurers from time to time for weird excursions. He pays very well in gold and favors occasionally patching up adventurers with cybernetics and magical healing. 
  2. Sheila The Burnt Lady - This lady of the wasteland is constantly seeking and tinkering with weird treasures. She trades favors for miracles of super science in her cavern bunker of wonders for devices and relics. She also has a mean streak though and has been known to experiment on adventurers who cross her. 
  3. Jella The Wasteland Science Wizard - This mad woman collects relic technology and rides around with her army of robots and droids. She has a strange cybernetic implant that rides on her spine and it allows her to communicate with a variety of pre apocalyptic machines and droids. 
  4. Jason Carver The Automaton Trader - This super scientist is obsessed with robots, droids, and other mechanisms that are pre apocalyptic mechanisms. He trades and deals in these machines and often sends adventurers on errands for special mechanisms as well as parts. He charges 400 gold pieces for consultations certain unknown and alien machines as he loves a challenge. 
  5. Julius The Clock Maker -  This gentleman is obsessed with time and clocks, he trades,collects, and deals in super science time pieces with weird and strange powers. He often tags along with adventurers and deals with time travel consultation work. Juilus has a nervous tick and is convinced that alternative versions of himself are after him. He is also a powerful telepathic mutant as well. 
  6. Cracka Twenty Three - This robotoid is a super scientist in his own right after his master was killed by mutant raiders. He is seeking others of his kind, he pays adventurers in favors and relics for locating vaults. He has an extensive collection of artifacts and weird items as well. 
  7. Swan - A mysterious alien scientist from a weird reality, Swan deals in observations and strange wasteland mutant tribes and other wasteland monsters. He is an alien with an energy based powers. He collects any number of biological materials and weird monster remains for study. These are analysis and destroyed with a wave of his hands, send off to another dimension for others of his kind to study. He pays adventurers for carcasses and corpses of such monsters. 
  8. Hrara The Wise - This former mutant tribesmen has had his mind artificially evolved by some ancient higher dimensional being and now roams the wastes helping others with problems and issues. He is searching for something mysterious and often employs adventurers on weird errands out into the wastelands. He always pays in silver coins and seems to appear from no where at odd times. Hrara always seems to have mysterious insights into matters of  science and reason, he makes incredible leaps in logic & reason. 
  9. Sarusus The Wild - This mutant adventurer is a hulking brute of a being and seems more wild animal then humanoid. Nothing could be further from the truth. This being is actually a mutant that sports several mutations of a most incredible nature. He is partially a master telepath and a genius with machines. Able to construct incredibly complex machines from seeming junk. The wild one is employed by tribes up and down the savage wasteland coastlines to set up mechanisms of super science for desalination of water, the purifying of air, and more. He trades his skills for relics and stories of ruins. 
  10. Thrient The Green One - This strange alien looking super scientists is from an alien dimension and is here ahead of an invasion of his own mutant kind. He has a vast array of mini super science devices and often travels with adventurers scouting out resistance. He trades his skills for a cut of the treasure and information. He constantly asks questions and probes for information. 

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