Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quick Review Of 100 Wasteland Urbanites From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The 'Shadow Years' are that time period in post apocalyptic games when the world might sort of recover from the apocalyptic events and there's a whole  dystopian vibe running through the game system. This was seen in Gamma World and to a more contemporary example Mutant Epoch. There are Mutant Future adventures and source books with this sort of feel running through them. Well Fishwife games has produced 100 Wasteland Urbanites for a ruined post apocalyptic urban city scene. Think of the movie 'The Warriors' folks, these are the minor NPC's who cross your party's tracks time and again. This random encounter list gives a whole bunch of minor options for the city encounters that come up during games.

With random tables like this its always a toss up of these encounters are going to be minor side quests or simply another stranger passing in the night. This list gives the DM all kinds of folks to throw the PC's way. The list is well done and concise for its contents and sets up the stage pretty well with a wide variety of options to throw down and for the party to encounter. Dave provides an assortment of types of NPC's and the list has a wide variety of options. This encounter table has a multitude of uses from lower level street gang encounters to three A.M. garbage & salvage raid backdrops that it can be applied to. All in all not a bad list of NPC's to add to your cityscape with little to no hassle all for the price of a burger. Another quick and solid product from the pen of Dave Woodrum. I've got use for these folks in the post apocalyptic landscape. 

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